Sunday, April 20, 2014

Visual Plans for the Week of 4/21/14 - Robots!

This week is Robot Week!   Our robot projects are due on Tuesday.  Our robot sharing party is on Friday.   This will cumulate our week of robot themed centers.   The parents come in for the sharing party.  It is a cute and easy way to get parents into the classroom.  The students are so proud of their robot projects.  You can check out my robot packet by clicking below.

Here are my plans for the week.  Click to download.

This week, we are going to plant some seeds.  We keep a little journal of our seeds progress using my plant packet.   The students love recording their seeds growth.  I think it is so cute that they want to check their seeds about an hour after we plant them for some growth!

We are continuing our Weather Unit.  I am utilizing Jodi Southard's packet and A Cupcake for the Teacher's packet.  Click the covers to check them out.

Happy Teaching!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break Over: What I Did

I really tried to accomplish a lot this Spring Break.   It was a bit hard since we lost 2 of our days to make up snow days.   It was not too exciting but it was relaxing.

What I Did:

  • I worked on the computer on my couch with my fur babies sitting next to me.

I just finished Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me.  I just think she is so funny!

Mindy's book inspired me to check out The Office on Netflix.   So funny!  I am on season 5 now!

  • I finished up my digraph center packets and bundled them!

The packet includes these center packets:

ph Digraph Centers

ck Digraph Centers

wh Digraph Centers

ch Digraph Centers

sh Digraph Centers

th Digraph Centers

You can check out my bundled version here: Digraph Centers Bundled

  • I converted this old dresser into a dinning room buffet.   I took of the mirror.   I am using one of the drawers to store my plastic storage containers.  You know the ones that always come flying out of your cabinet when you open it and then they hit you in the head.   The draw solves that problem.  I also no longer have to shove them in the cabinet and close fast so that they don't fall out.   Exciting right?!

  • I took my babies to the dog park.  Poor old Niles (14.5 years old!)  has bad knees and needed to be carried most of the way, but he loved it. 

  • I finished another Gillian Flynn book, Dark Places.  I loved Gone Girl.   I cannot wait for the movie to come out, Ben Affleck is in it!   Her books are twisted and dark but the thing I love about them is that they are so unpredictable.  I love mysteries that just shock you.  Next up is Sharp Objects. 


I look forward to celebrating Easter tomorrow with my family!  I will be back soon with visual plans and an exciting contest from Schoolgirl Style!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tax Break Sale

Did you pay your taxes on time?  I just got mine in last week.  I am such a Last Minute Lucy.  To help everyone with the sting, I am throwing a little sale with some of my blogging besties.  Thanks Abby for the image!!

I love all the positive feedback and requests I am getting for more phonics based literacy center packets.  This is the first year I have started them in my class.  Before we were more focused on a Harcourt story.  Since we have phased out the ancient Harcourt series, I decided to make phonics based centers that could be used at anytime in first grade or at the end of Kindergarten.   Keep your phonic suggestions coming.  I am almost done with all the digraphs!   Here are the packets I have available.







It's never too early to get your decor ready for next year!

For 123 other DECOR ITEMS, click HERE!

Get ready for the end of the year with these packets:


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Ideas

It finally is starting to look like SPRING around here.  Can you believe it snowed last Monday?  We have a week of school and then one day, Monday, and then it is Spring Break.  Yay! Our break was cut short two days because of all our snow days.   I am not sure how many students will be in school for that lone Monday, but I plan on focusing on Spring themed projects.   Here are a few of the projects I have done over the years and the links to the TpT products where you can find them.  Just click the photos to hop over to TpT.  As always, feel free to pin!


I like to do the groundhog and squirrel craft after reading How Groundhog's Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry.

The above activity is made from scrapbook paper punches, green scrap paper, and large 11 x 16 construction paper.  I let the students free make the stems and leaves.  Then they create a pattern with the scrapbook paper and put the flowers together.  Finally, they measure their flowers. 

 Jelly Beans

Spring Senses

Ants and Insects

Just for Fun

Here are some of the idioms from a few years back!  So funny.

I hope you have a Happy Spring!!
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