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07 February 2016

I cannot believe it is almost Valentine's Day!  I feel like February is always a blur of holidays.   I am particularly excited for the return of The Walking Dead, but that has nothing to do with school!

I have so many Valentine's Day resources available for you.  Some are paid products and many are FREE!  Just read through the post and click on the images to go to the download.

I just finished up this Valentine Math Center Packet which aligns to the Common Core and is full of number bonds!  You can check it out by clicking any of the images below. 

A Heart of Number Bonds Facts Through 10 - Students will find the whole number using counters and a heart themed ten frame work mat. There are three choices of recording sheets. One version addition and flip the addends, second with the equal sign first, and the third complete the addition and subtraction related facts for the number bond.

 A Heart of Number Bonds Facts Through 20 - Students will find the whole number using counters and a heart themed ten frame work mat. They will then complete the related addition and subtraction facts on the recording sheet. 

Hot Cocoa Make a Ten to Add Craft - Students will make a mug with heart marshmallows craft. They will make a ten to add using a ten frame. They will record their work on the heart marshmallows.

Make a Ten to Add - Students will make a ten to add using a Valentine themed double ten work-mat. They will record their work. 

Cupcake Number Bonds: Find the Missing Parts - Students will find the missing part of a number bond using a flash card and a Valentine cupcake themed work mat. The work mat is included if the students need it for extra support. They will record their work on a work mat.

Valentine Take from Ten to Subtract - Students will break apart numbers into number bonds with ten as a part. They will then subtract from ten.

Valentine Tens and Ones - Students will take a bag of candy hearts and count them on a Valentine's Day Tens and Ones work mat. They will then record their work on a recording sheet. 

Valentine Ways to Make Ten - Students will use a heart themed ten frame and counters to find all the ways to make ten. They will record their work and the number bond each way to make ten. 

Valentine Word Problems - Students will read Valentine's Day themed word problems and solve on a worksheet. Two versions of the worksheet are included.

If you are looking for something to give your students on Valentine's Day, I just made these and you can download them for FREE from Google Drive!  My kiddos are obsessed with a certain movie set in the future.  I think they are going to love these Valentines and love the fact that they can use them to get out of homework.

For those of you with kiddos of your own, I made these FREE Valentines.  I am printing them up for my nephew to give to his classmates. 

Other Valentine's Day resources:

Valentine's Day Common Core Math Centers

Valentine's Day Writing Math & More

More Freebies!  Just click to check them out.

I hope you found something you can use!

Two New Blog Designs

02 February 2016
I just wanted to write a quick post to thank Megan from A Bird in the Hand for her amazing design work on this blog.   What do you think?   I love how clean and bright it looks!

In other news, my friend Shannon and I started a home decor blog called Old House Charm.  You can check it out {here}.  I just love working with someone else.  It is motivating me to stay on track! That in turn is motivating me to not neglect this blog either.   Thanks for sticking with me readers!

On a side note, I am almost done with my Whole 30 and I have to say I need to stick with eating this way.  I was always so drained and slept way too much when I was not eating clean.  I am so much more productive now!

Celebrating the 100th Day of School and Celebrating the 101st Day of First Grade

26 January 2016
*This is a repost from a January 2015 post.

Need ideas for celebrating the 100th or 101st Day of School?  This post is jam packet.   

Last year we started a new tradition in first grade, celebrating the 101st Day of School.  Kindergarten does a huge 100th Day of School, so we wanted to do something different.  I sent kindergarten my 100th Day of School packet and created a Dalmatian themed 101st Day of School packet for first grade.
The 101st Day of School

These are lima beans with black permanent marker spots, they also double as "cow counters."  I use these for the math centers. 

Included in the packet:
• File Folder Word Wall
• Parent Letter
• Add Your Own Text Letter (You just click the empty space to start typing)
• Doggie Bag Labels & Writing
• Certificates (Add your own name, click on the empty space)

Art Activities:
• Dalmatian Headband
• Dalmatian Craft

Literacy Activities:
• If We Had 101...
• When We are 101 Years Old...
• If I Had 101 Dalmatians...
• Search/Read/Write the Room
• Magnify Tiny Long E Words Search
• Dalmatian Rhymes
• Dalmatian Build a Sentences
• Dalmatian Build a Word

Math Activities:
• Tens and Ones Work mat & Tens and Ones Center
• Ways to make 101
• Movie Review & Graphing
• Find and Color the Number
• Comparing Numbers
• One Less, One More, Ten Less, and Ten More
• Tally the Pictures

The frame above is from Michaels.  I just popped out the glass and backing.  

I pinned a cow print blanket up in the hall to work as a photo background.   I used black face makeup to draw noses and whiskers on the kids.   Then they held up the frame and posed for pictures.   It really was so cute.  

My dress was $5 on clearance from H&M a few years back!

I hope this post inspires you to start a new tradition and check out my packet on Teachers Pay Teachers!   

Here is a little freebie for you!

I made them two to a sheet, but if you want to print four to a sheet, just adjust your printer settings.  Click here for a post explaining how to adjust printer settings. 

There aren't any books out there for the 101st Day of School.  I have to get my mom, Maria LaPlaca Bohrer, to work writing one.   The movie is always great to show and of course a Dalmatian stuffed animal would make a great photo prop!  Don't forget your background and some fun Dalmatian/dog themed party items. 

The 100th Day of School

Here are some of my favorite  ideas for celebrating the 100th Day of School.  Click on the images for the sources.

I have a packet in my TpT store that contains a ton of activities to help you celebrate the 100th Day of School  I recently updated the cover and some pinable images below.

Here are some things you can do to lead up to the 100th day!  Click to check them out.

Check out Kathleen Pederson's awesome Zero the Hero unit!

In years past, we dressed up as 100 year olds.  I used Deanna Jump's free letter (click here to check it out).

The students bring in 100 items in a bag and write about them.  The letter and writing paper is available in my 100th Day Packet. 

I have also included a version where they make a 100th Day poster. 

Another cute idea from Deanna Jump is her 100th Day portraits.  You can find the templates in her 100th Day packet. 
You can snag the writing paper I made to go with it a few years ago here

I updated the writing paper and added it to my 100th Day Packet.

I made the students' names on their portraits by using my alphabets fonts from Lettering Delights.

This cute "When I am 100" idea is from Hope King:

The students' writing can be compiled into class-made books.  The covers and pages can be found in my 100th Day packet.

Our Kindergarteners take 100 steps from their classrooms and leave a footprint at the point they reach.

Michelle Oakes introduced me to the adorable book, The Wolf's Chicken Stew.   She has included response activities in her 100th Day packet.

Cheryl Saoud has a whole unit based around Centipede's 100 Shoes!  Click here to check it out.

Here is a fabulous idea from Kim Adsit of KinderGals.  Click here to check out her packet.

I have seen lots of pins of my math mats.   Here are some more images for you.   I have included two versions of the mat in my 100th Day packet.   The second version of the mat is "ink friendly" and can be printed on color paper. 

These mats are perfect for counting 100 fruit loops for necklaces.

More 100th Day Math from my packet:

100th Day Math Ideas from Blog Friends:

From the fabulous Cara Carroll:

This is a freebie from Sarah Paul:

100th Day edible activities (click the images to go to the source):

You don't always have to dress up as 100 year olds!  Here are a few other ideas from my blog friends:

For more 100th Day ideas, check out my Pinterest page:

Thanks for stopping by!  I <3 comments.

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