We are finishing up our apple unit in first grade!

Here are some photos and links to what we did!

The following activities are from my Apple Interactive Science Notebook.

Here are photos from our work with my new 1st Grade Apples Math Centers Packet

I spray painted lima beans black and brown to use as math manipulatives for the center below.

We found all the ways to make ten. 

We also completed this apple-number bond craft.
The basket was made using clip art by Krista Wallden.

On Friday, we had an apple taste test.

Then we completed an Apple Themed Graphtivity.

There are so many amazing apple books out now.  I have included Amazon links to my favs!

I hope you check out some of my apple themed units.  As always, feel free to pin. 

The First Week of First Grade

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great first few weeks back at school.  This week will start my third week, but we have yet to have a full week of school.   We started on a Wednesday and then had off for Labor Day and then this week we have off for the Jewish Holidays.  It is a nice way to ease back in.   I thought I would share some of the activities we did the first 5 days of school.  Click on the photos to check out the sources on

Ah!  It was their first time getting to use a bathroom not in the classroom.  We spent a lot of time going over routines, the bathroom routine still needs practice.  Ideally, students put the pass on their desk and go us the bathroom.  When they get back, they can give their hands a little squirt of sanitizer and put the pass back.  This limits two boys and two girls in the bathroom at once.   Certain students have been going to the bathroom every two seconds.  So for now I have a check list along with the passes.  I am hoping that I can fade the check list out by the end of the month.  

We introduced about half the classroom jobs and I will introduce the other half next week.  They are all really excited about their jobs.
We review a lot of our behaviors through read alouds.   Check out this packet on TpT for more information:  Back to School Writing Prompts and Activities .   At the end of this post, I will put some links for recommended read alouds.

A freebie I have is this Whole Body Listening Activity:

 We created these "How We Felt on the First Day of School Graphtivities."

We did Amy Lemon's Bucket Filler Activity, click {HERE} to grab it.
My students needed a bit more of a writing prompt, so I made these strips to go with the activity.  You can download them from Google Drive {HERE}
We read this book:

All About Me

Students search the room for each other's names!

All of the All About Me Activities can be found in this packet:

Starting Literacy Centers
 We eased into literacy centers by splitting the class first into two groups and then for the next day four groups.  I hope to have them in their regular center groups by next week.

You can find out more about center set up from this packet:

This stamping activity is from my 1st Grade Words of the Week Packet on TpT.  It is also included in my Sight Words of the Week Packet

We also introduced Buddy Reading in the Book Nook Center.  They were awesome at this!

In honor of Patriot Day, we made thank you signs for police officers and firemen.

You can find them free, {HERE}!

Of course we GoNoodled, too!

Here are some of the read alouds I utilized. 

I hope you are off to a great year, too!

Teacher Week 2015: 5 Fun Facts About Me

I am excited to be linking up with my friends over at Blog Hoppin' with five fun facts about me!

I feel you would already know a lot about me if you follow me on Instagram at EricaBohrer.  I am pretty much an open book!  

Fact 1:  

I don't have a traditional teaching degree!  My undergraduate degree is in Literature and Rhetoric from SUNY Binghamton.   I loved reading in college, especially British Literature.   I am a big Jane Austen fan.  After college, I could not find a job with my degree, so I went to Dowling College for a Masters in Education.  I am certified to teach Secondary English and K-6 Elementary.  

Fact 2:
My last name is pronounced Bor-er.  My dad's family is of German-Swiss descent and came to America in the 1800s.  My mother is 100% Italian.  We have a lot of great Italian customs in my family.  For example, Christmas Eve is a bigger deal than Christmas Day.  We have fish and pasta and the whole family comes over to my parents' house.  We also open gifts then.   Whenever we have gatherings or events there is always a ton of food.  The biggest horror would be to run out of food.  It also might be a NY thing.  You should see weddings here, insane amounts of food.  

Fact 3:
This is not a fun fact but something I don't usually share.  I was severely bullied as a child.  I was a tiny quiet thing and an easy target.  I was bullied in Kindergarten and Second grade by this girl who would pinch me and kick me when the teachers were not looking.  I was terrified to go to school.  Then my adult teeth came in around third grade.  They were bucked with a big space between them.  So from third grade until probably 7th grade, I was tormented and made fun of.  I remember this boy that everyone else picked on for being overweight would torment me the most.  I think he wanted to take the focus off himself.  Of course, I never made fun of him because I knew it was not nice.  I remember always fighting back tears.  I could not let him see me cry. Why I don't know.   I remember the burning feeling in my face and me hoping that my tears were not showing.  It would feel like the hot tears were running down the inside of my cheeks.  I would do a quick brush of my cheek to make sure the tears weren't showing on the outside.  I would not wish that feeling on anyone.  I was shy to begin with and became even more shy as I avoided talking or smiling.  If I did not talk or smile, people would not see my teeth.  It took me many years and braces to recover from the bullying.  As a teacher, I try to listen to what kids are saying and not let what happened to me happen to them.  I also teach kindness and compassion. I did hear from the Kindergarten girl who used to bully me.  She sent me a message on FB apologizing.  She said she must have been jealous of me.  I always had my hair done with pretty ribbons and braids and wore pretty clothes.  She was one of six or so kids and I don't think she got a lot of attention at home.  It meant a lot to me that she took the time to apologize.  

Fact 4:

I love antiques or vintage things.  I love to go to estate sales!   I have learned you have to go early or you miss the good stuff.  I even look through FB groups for cool finds for sale. 

Fact 5:

If I like something, I buy it in most of the other colors they have (except purple - I just don't like purple clothes).  Case in point, the Banana Republic dress above.  On the left it is in navy blue and on the right in red.  The hair color difference is because I wore them almost a year apart.  I love shopping and I love when I find things that fit me well.  I am petite but sometimes the petite dresses are too short on me.  When I find something that fits, I get a little overzealous! 
PS- On the left is THE Paul Edelman, found of TpT!  On the right is my sweet friend, Krista Wallden of Creative Clips.  I seriously don't even know why I stood next to her for a picture.  LOL, she looks like a model! 

I hope you go over to Blog Hoppin' and check out all the linkys we have in store for you! 

Decor Galore!

I pride myself on the way my classroom looks.  I like walking in to a bright, cheery, organized room every morning.  I love decorating my classroom and each year I tweak it just a little bit more.  I have not been in to set up yet, but I thought I would share some product links with you.  I hope my creations can help you achieve a classroom you want to work in!



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