My Visit to RCA

On Thursday night, I flew to Atlanta to visit The Ron Clark Academy.  Friday was by far the best day of staff development I have ever attended.  It was just beyond amazing.

We were greeted at the gates of the academy by The Ron Clark himself.  He leads you into the school's library where there is this massive trampoline.   Kim Bearden was there helping people get into the trampoline gear.  My brave friends, Cara and Elizabeth tried it out.  Here is the video of Elizabeth on it.  You can hear the excitement in the room.

The students at RCA are all so polite.  They walked around introducing themselves and asked us questions.   From there we were off to sessions.  We were split into groups and guided by parent volunteers.  Our sessions alternated between observing some of the teachers teach and sessions about engaging students.  I was thoroughly impressed with the staff, the volunteers, and the students.  The energy at the school was just contagious.

Two of those fabulous teachers just so happen to be our friends, Hope and Wade King.  They are both AMAZING.  I am so proud to know them.

Many people on Instagram were asking me, "Is it appropriate for a first grade teacher?"  The answer: "YES!"  I took away so many tips and ideas that I want to implement in my classroom.

I strongly recommend reading Ron and Kim's books.  Even though I already owned them, I bought more copies at the academy and had them signed.  They are treasured possessions.

It probably came out to the most expensive professional development I have ever attended because I had to fly on a plane to get there.  My advice if you are wanting to visit: make it a trip with your friends, like we did.  It was not only amazing professional development, but it was a fun girls' weekend as well.  

Here are some more photos from the trip and from RCA's photographer:

 We also attended their girls' and boys' basketball games....amazing!!

Hope's Room!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share about my fabulous RCA experience. 

SDE Texas Conference for 1st Grade Teachers

First, let me say that I had the best time ever presenting for SDE in Texas on Sunday.  I had never been to Texas before.   The teachers who came to my conferences were the most enthusiastic and attentive attendees.  You all made my job easier and I LOVED meeting all of you.  

As promised, here are links to the products I shared during my presentations and a few slides from the presentations.   Just luck below the images for the links. 

PS - My whole store is on sale, just for you! 


*Some of the free file links are through GoogleDrive.  If you are unfamiliar with how to download from there, read this post.  You don't need to request access, just the little arrow that points down.

Click the image below for more free guided reading planning sheets.

These are freebie in my friend, Janine Every's store:

Other resources and ideas shared:
The reading strategy posters above were made by sending a png image to Costco photo department.  The png's are included in this packet.

These are not finished yet, but when they are done, I will add them to my Bear Snores On Close Reading Packet

I found this idea on Pinterest, I am not sure where the original pin is...but whoever thought of this...genius!  You tape a ribbon in the back of the book and then flip it over and the kids use it as a bookmark.  No more, opening their notebooks to the middle of the book or searching for the right page.


My book baggies are from

Here is a slide from my presentation about center set up. 

I talked about managing behavior using Classroom Dojo.  You can read more about it in this post!

Here some packets that I mentioned in my post.  You can click on the covers to check them out in my TpT store. 




Here are the freebies I mentioned:



My plan book

You can click on the slides to check out the products in my store and my fellow TpT sellers:

 I don't have this file to share.  A colleague created it for the Smartboard and then I made the students' names out of "alphabets" from Lettering Delights.

Some more resources I shared:
(The water bottle tag is a freebie in the post.)


Units I use throughout the year:



Another Freebie:


Here are two Freebies:

These packets are on sale in my TpT store:






A 101st Day of School Freebie:

Some spring themed packets from my store:



Click below to find my favorite YouTube videos:

For my weekly visual plans, click here!


As I said in my session, the Scholastic Teacher Express Store, sometimes sell my books at discounted rates.  Sometimes if you hit it right, they are just a dollar each.  You can search for them here

The sand center is a freebie, that can be found in another post by clicking the image below:


Here is a unit by Abby Mullins:

I did not get to share this in my session, but how cute is this idea from Elizabeth Hall? Click the image to head over to her blog to check it out. 

These are the word wall cards I am currently using on my word wall. 

My spelling words are from this Words of the Week Packet.  

For more info on the Super Slipper Spellers' club I was talking about, check out Rachelle Smith's post on What the Teacher Wants by clicking here.

More Freebies:
If you can think of more acronyms for spelling tricky words, I would love for you to leave them in the comments.

This freebie covers science, Reader's Workshop, and Writer's Workshop:
These labels are available here. 

Some of the books/resources I mentioned or had on display:

For a post about my classroom decor, click the image below:

A few of you also asked about making worksheets.  I have a post about getting started on TpT and in that post, I have links for tutorials.

Thanks so much for being a pleasure to present to!  If I am missing a link, leave a comment on this post and I will add it to the post. 

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