Class Pet: Molly the Wonder-pet/Guinea Pig Extraordinaire!

30 January 2011

Molly has been my classroom pet for almost eight years!  Someone left her in a box in front of Petco and then I adopted/rescued her (Petco cannot resell dumped animals).  Molly was probably about one when I adopted her so that makes her almost nine years old!  She is a very old guinea pig and she has such personality! I am an animal lover and thought having an adopted class pet would be a wonderful way to teach my student compassion and care for animals.  I have created a whole Humane Education Unit to go with the ASPCA's Go Orange For Animals event in April.  In the past, I let families take her home on weekends, but now that she is so old, I take her home to my house.  Most animal rights organizations do not support animals in the classroom because they feel they receive improper care.  I think of Molly as not just the class pet, but mine too.  Her presence in my classroom, has taught my students:
1. Compassion
2. Responsibility
3. About Healthy Eating - guinea pigs love fresh fruit and veggies
4. Humor - Molly's squeals are all different and unique
5. Empathy

Getting a classroom pet is a huge responsibility.  Feel free to email me with any questions, if you are thinking of adopting one. 

I have posted one of my Humane Education Lessons.  I will be working on a Humane Education Unit to post before April.


  1. I found you over at the link party!

    Your class pet is too cute! So cool that you were able to rescue her :)

  2. I love all of your fabulous pictures of Molly!! I was inspired to get class guinea pigs after my 3rd grade teacher let me keep our class pet. I had him until I was a sophomore high school!!

  3. Hello Erica,

    I have a guinea pig as our classroom pet and my students love him. I was wanting to get him a friend but need a bigger cage. i saw your cage and that you have two in there. How did you make it the bottom part? Also do they get out since there is no top? My guy likes to climb on his house and he might get out but was wanting to make one like yours and ideas and how tos would be great. My email is thank you Bettina

  4. I know that this is an old post, but I was wondering where you got the clothes and hats that Molly is wearing? I have a classroom guinea pig and I would LOVE to dress him up too! Please let me know :) Thanks!

    1. I got the clown costume on Ebay and a parent made her the Wonderpet costume. I made her the birthday hat out of scrapbook paper, a fluffy pipe cleaner, and a pom pom. I hot glued all the pieces together. After, it was done/cool, I just set it on her head and she stood still long enough for a picture.


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