Penguin Alliteration

03 February 2011

First off, I would like to thank Sarah Cooley from First Grader At Last for introducing me to the book Pink! by Lynne Richards.  The book is adorable.  It is about Patrick the penguin, who wakes up one day to find himself pink.  He feels that he does not fit in with the other penguins and goes off to live with flamingos.  That does not work out for him and he ends up back home, where everyone missed him.  The story works well for character education and as a fictional penguin themed book. 

Upon, reading the book, I noticed the authors use of alliteration Patrick, penguin, pink, perhaps, etc.  I decided the book would work for a Writer's Workshop mini-lesson on alliteration, while fitting in with our penguin thematic unit.

First, I gathered up my scrapbook paper and let the students choose one of four colors.  The students either made a pink, purple, blue, or green penguin.  After, they created their penguins, they named them using real or made-up names that began with the same letter as the color word.  For example, Poppy the Pink Penguin or Blaze the Blue Penguin.  Once names were picked, the students worked on creating stories based around their penguins.  The top writers were able to incorporate alliteration and have a story with a problem and solution.  The middle to bottom writers tended to focus on describing their penguin using alliteration.  The end result was an eye-catching hallway display.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Penguin Addition file for free on TPT. I am your newest follower, and already added this cute looking book to my library cart!

  2. I am glad you liked it! Thanks for following.

  3. I love this idea! I'm a student teacher doing a unit on Poetry, and this is such a creative way to explore it! Thanks so much for posting it!


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