Guided Reading Planning Sheets

07 March 2011
I am teaching a course on Guided Reading and tomorrow we will be working on planning guided reading lessons.  So, I created a cute graphic organizer to for planning the guided reading lesson. Click {here} to download. 

The teachers in my class range from teachers of grade K to grade 5 and there are a few ESL teachers.  Please, let me know if any of you have great blog links for guided reading, guided reading in the upper grades, or teaching reading to ESL students.


  1. weakness for sure! I wish I could take your class!

  2. These are really great! This is just what I need for my student teacher. I've showed her what I do and how I plan, but she is still really struggling with planning. Thank you so much for posting this!

    I like Jan Richardson's 'Next Step in Guided Reading,'


  3. Oh, I LOVE this template!! I use an Excel spreadsheet for this and this is SO much more "user friendly"!! Thank you for sharing!

    Cara :)

  4. I don't know if i would call my blog great I'm too humble for that but I am an ELL teacher and I do have a blog. I just recently put up a lesson plan template & it has what I use for guided reading too. You can fin me at

    I do have to say Ladybug Teacher Files is a 4th & 5th grade ELL teacher and she has a FANTASTIC blog.

    Ms. M

  5. I posted how I organize a binder for my guided reading. Thanks for sharing!
    KindergartenWorks GR Post

  6. I am a teacher of ESL students and have used Jan Richardson's Guided Reading program. I created an in class or take-home Sight Word Book and Alphabet Book with Accompanying MP3 files. You may access them on my blog at I am in the process this week of uploading the alphabet book. Look back on my homepage and you should see it up within a few days. I have a son, so I can only work on it as time permits. These books are designed to go straight along with Jan Richardson's program. They however can be used really as an extension practice for any guided reading program. It was designed to give ESL students and parents access to meaningful language at home. Parents of ESL children who don't speak much English normally want to help their children with homework and reading, but don't understand how to say the letters, pronounce the letter sounds, read sight words and pronounce the sight words for their children. This was designed to give parents access to understanding the English words and sounds, and access to being able to help their children with the reading homework. The great thing is that by sending this home, parents learn the words and letters too. That is awesome! These can also be used in class on the computer, i-pod, i-pad, Interactive Whiteboard, CD player with printed book etc. To send it home as a homework practice assignment, I have listed instructions for doing so. I have several more books and files for reading and phonology to download with accompanying MP3. It will take me a few weeks to do that. In the meantime check these two helpful resources out this week. If you have any questions or feedback please send them to me via comments or contact on my blog. Today I will be working on making the MP3 files downloadable because at this moment they are not. The book however can currently be downloaded. I have been receiving many requests to make the MP3 files downloadable so that is what I am working on before I upload the alphabet book. Right now I am staying home with my son, he is a baby and taking a break from the classroom. I did use this book this past year with my ESL students. They gained so much more reading success using this than students I had previous years. Classroom teachers I have worked with are currently still using it. They even have been using it with their general classrooms and SPED teachers have been using it too. It was designed for my ESL students but really anyone can use it. If you ever have questions about teaching guided reading to ESL students, I have a lot I can share and help with, just let me know. You may contact me too via Thanks. -Beth Crumpler

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