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06 March 2011
My pets are my babies!  If I were not a teacher, I would have been a vet.  I fundraise for local animal rescue groups and I do a whole Go Orange for Animals Day in April with my class to support Humane Education.  This adorable Link Party was started by Ladybug's Teacher Files, click to link up!
My Crew:
Niles is my 11 1/2 year old Long Haired Chihuahua.  I got him my senior year of college in Binghamton, NY.  He is just the sweetest Chihuahua I know.  He has inspired many friends and my dog groomer to get Chihuahuas, but none are quite as good natured as Niles.  I call him my "Little Man."

Sophie is my almost 5 year old Havanese.  She is mine and my mothers.  I am very lucky to live close to my parents.  My mom is also a teacher in my district and if I have to teach a course after school, she will swing by and take the dogs to her house.  Sophie is very shy around strangers but loves her family and she is very smart.  She rings a bell to go out.  Both my dogs love to go boating with me and my family.  They are great swimmers but would rather not get wet if they did not have to.

Ella is a 4 year old, long-haired black cat that I adopted a few years ago. She is very mellow and cannot meow, yet she is a high maintance kitty.  She only drinks cold water from the fridge, gets her hair shaved in a lion cut every summer, and recently had to have very expensive surgery to remove a bladder stone.
Greta is the baby, she is three and is a very small tabby cat.  I adopted her from the shelter because they said she was a special needs kitten and had brain damage.  No one wanted to adopt her and the shelter refused to take her to a vet.  So, I adopted her and found out she did not have any brain damage.  She is a sweety.  She is always on my lap while I work at the computer.

Molly is my almost 9 year old class pet.  She is a guinea pig.  She was left in front of Petco in a box, so I adopted her and brought her to school with me.  I am the only teacher in the school with a class pet.  The principal makes sure I don't get students with animal allergies.  We have four classes on the grade so it has not been a problem.  Molly comes home with me every weekend and holiday.  When she was younger, I would let students take her home.  Now, that she is so old, I am so afraid that she might die on a student and scar them for life.  I have had Molly my whole time teaching first grade.  The staff and students at my school all know her and love her.  She leads the Halloween Parade with me every year People always stop in to drop off veggies for her.  Guinea Pigs normally live 5-8 years!  I tell the students that Molly is about 100 in people years.


  1. I love your animals. My Chihuahua is my little man too. Seeing Molly makes me want to get another class pet! This is the first year I have not had one. In May of last year, our hamster, Ramona, passed away. It was so sad, but the students planned a funeral and wrote eulogies. Our school sent their condolences. One class even wrote sympathy cards :).

  2. Oh Erica! So cute! You have adorable fur babies! :)

  3. I LOVE Molly!!! I have a pig too! She is a great class pet!

  4. Your babies are too precious! Greta is so beautiful. She looks like a princess.
    My class pets are hermit crabs. Not too exciting. (We're not allowed to have any class pets with fur!)

  5. Thanks everyone. They are a lot of work and expense but I love them. I had hamsters before Molly but they did not live long or do much. Molly has such personality!

  6. They're all adorable. I feel for your cat b/c my dog has issues as well. She's kind of a rescue and was neglected for so long she would rather be pet than eat. She will not walk on the tile in the kitchen b/c it scares her and she will only eat or drink from plain white plastic bowls. It makes me sad, but we just do our best to accomodate her.

  7. You have sweet pets!
    We have a rescue dog, Romeo (half chihuahua and half terrier) We call him "Killer" for fun cuz he is so protective of us even if he is a smidget. We also have a cat, 25 different fish in 4 tanks and one bowl, 2 gerbils, a crab, 4 snails and a darling White's Tree frog called "Sweet Cheeks". We are ''growing" butterflies, frogs and ladybugs, too. We live in the city but my kids call our home the zoo. I'd have to agree but we mostly because of them!!!

  8. sweet, adorable, and cute! i loved "meeting" your fur babies. I am an animal lover too.

    I have been wanting a class pet for awhile. What does Molly stay in? a cage? I don't know much about guinea pigs. Maybe I should look into them a little more!

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  10. Wow, I admire you for having so many wonderful pets. My daughter and I are animal lovers as well. We have two cats and 2 chickens:) My personal baby is my silver persian. She gets shaved 2 times a year!!
    Mahalo for sharing.

    Surfin' Through Second


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