Y and ie as Long I

28 March 2011
This week, our phonic element is Y and ie as long vowel i.  I make posters or file folders, to help the students read words with the specific phonic element of the week.  During centers, the students read/write the room for words with that specific phonic element or those specific phonic elements.
Click {here} for the posters.

Click {here} for read/write the room sheets.


  1. I teach 3rd grade and we can still use this as a review. It's adorable! You come up with amazing activities and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am unable to open your attachments in Google Docs. is there another way for me to view them?

  3. I am unable to see your docs as well.

  4. Hi Renee and Rebecca,
    I had the link in the text, but I changed it to click {here}. It should work, I double checked my share settings.


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