You Know You're a Teacher When...

30 March 2011

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You Know You Teach First Grade When...

- "You are a great artist!" is the complement the students give you every time you draw something and it still boosts your ego.
- You must remind yourself and the six year olds, that YOU ARE THE BOSS.
- You instantly say "Wash" anytime someone sneezes.
-  You have the urge to discipline children in stores.  (So hard to turn it off!)
-  You don't curse at home.
-You know what a kid means when he/she tells you someone said the "i" bad word or the "s" bad word.  (Idiot and stupid)
-  All you have to do is say something with enthusiasm, in a high pitched voice and the kids will get excited. 
-  Hand sanitizer is referred to as "Hanisizer."
-  You love laminating.
- When you sing happy birthday to family members, you forget and sing the "Cha Cha Cha" part.


  1. Cha Cha Cha Ooh Rah Rah! And a fist pump! YEAH!!!

    Primary Graffiti

  2. We are big fans of the "hanitizer" in our classroom, too.

    And I totally eat up the artist compliments. :)))

  3. Aw, I *love* getting the artist comment, too!! Too cute!!!! Thanks for linking up, girl :)

  4. yes! i LOVE laminating. so true!

  5. Haha! My students call it Hanitizner.

  6. I love all of these they are so true! "Hanitizer" is a popular word in our classroom too. Every time we go to recess " Ms.___ let's not forget to hanitizer before we go for lunch!" I correct them every time but they still say it lol.

  7. I totally almost always do the cha cha cha!

  8. My kids sing the "cha cha cha" too...but now they've made up a new part at the goes...

    .....Happy Birthday to you....cha, cha, cha, ooh la-la, HIIIII-YAAAAA {insert karate chop}! Does ANYONE know where this all came from, seriously?

  9. I definitely LOL'd at the birthday cha-cha-cha comment!! I totally do that overtime and noone ever gets it!!

  10. Rachelle-My students sing :cha, cha, cha, High-ya-funky chicken" I have no clue where they got that.


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