Students Complete Famous Idioms

08 May 2011
Every year around Spring Exhibit time, I have my students complete and illustrate famous idioms.  I compile the pages into a class made book.  The results are hysterical.  The parents all crowd around the book, pointing out the funny sayings such as "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him go swimming."
I have posted the book and sheets on TPT.  Click {here} to check it out.  I have also upload a sample from the packet below.


  1. What a fun idea!

  2. I did something similar with the third grade class I student taught in. I read the book Monkey Business by Wallace Edwards and each student made a flip chart. They chose two idioms and on the front drew a picture of the literal meaning of the idiom (my favorite was a picture of a boy bouncing cats and dogs off an umbrella). On the inside the wrote what it meant and then drew of picture of the actual meaning. They had a lot of fun and it made a really cute bulletin board that I titled "Idioms are a Piece of Cake."

  3. what a fun idea! my parents would love this! :)

  4. So stinkin cute!! I do a huge unit on idioms, I think this would be a great way to introduce it. I have to squeeze this in somehow in the last 13 days I have left with them, I need a few good laughs! With the imaginations of my kids this year, I can only imagine!!

    Hopping over the TpT to snag my copy right now!


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