Polka Dot Classroom Labels and Signs!

25 August 2011
School does not start until September 7th and I have been hard at work revamping my classroom theme from cows to polka dots.  I spent a ton of money and went a bit over board.  I justify it by reminding myself that I am earning more money by selling on Teachers Pay Teachers now.  So thank you for your purchases, you helped fund the new decor!  Next up will be to fix the hole that I have had in my bathroom ceiling for 3 years.

I have been busy creating new labels and signs to go with my new theme.  After, I create, I cut and laminate.  I have a small laminator at school and a bit larger one at home.  Here are some photos of my classroom and of my work in progress:
Laminating to be cut!  All the polka dot items are included in my Polka Dot Classroom Labels and Signs packet available on Teachers Pay Teachers  (click here).
I purchased these large black bins on sale at Walmart about a month ago.  I store read alouds, samples, and decorations for each month in the bins.
The borders and pop out letters are from Frog Street Press.  The signs are included in my Polka Dot Classroom Labels and Signs packet available on TpT (click here).

I created these posters from mini ones included in my Writer's Workshop Resources packet (click here).  I uploaded took a screen shot and sent them to Vista Print.  Another option would be to go to Office Max.  Right now they are having a great sale for teachers.  Click here for the Office Max coupons.
This is my guided reading table.  I purchased the storage cubes/seats from Big Lots.  I then sprayed them with Scotch Guard.  Next, I filled them with guided reading books and labeled the seats.  Click (here) to get the labels on Teachers pay Teachers.
More signs form my Polka Dot Classroom Labels and Signs Packet.  Available on Teachers Pay Teachers  (click here).
This was my project for the day.  I created a "Look Who's Been Spotted in First Grade" sign for my door and typed the students' names in polka dot themed labels.  I just posted this on Teachers pay Teachers (click here).

Update!  Click {here} to see photos of this decor in my classroom.


  1. Love the polka dots. The storage crates are my favorite.

  2. I agree the storage crate are adorable!!!

  3. Erica, you have created an adorable packet!

    Enjoy the last few days before it all begins!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the polka-dot theme! I love ANYTHING polkadot and I've now got to visit Big Lots to search for those crates! Too cute!

    Frolicking Through First

  5. I love these! you just inspired me to make some. Thank you :)!!!

    Miss Kindergarten

  6. I love these!! I am going to TN to purchase now! I guess I am contributing my part for that hole in the bathroom ceiling! LOL :-)
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  7. Lovin it! Your labels and signs look great.


  8. Hey..I'm here in Long Island also (yikes)
    I love everything on your post!
    I'll be heading over to your TPT..

  9. Erica, does your packet have polka dot desk name plates?

  10. Hi TLT,
    I don't have deskplates in the packet now, but I plan to update them over the summer to include them.

  11. WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those storage crates! I have been wanting to get some for my 6th graders (if I can ever figure out how to actually fit in small group reading!), and looked today at Walmart- they didn't have any! I'll try Target this Wednesday when I go to Montgomery!


  12. I love those!! I've been looking for crates but have been unable to find them. Are those seats plastic, fabric, what? I may be on a Big Lots hunt today. I like these even better because you can't see through to the clutter inside. What were they called? Help help! ;) kristinmockler@gmail.com

    1. Kristin, they are pop up storage seats. I got them during the back to college sale. I have to say they are not holding up to well :( I might try to make boxes with wheels on the bottom and save the covers. Not sure. They still look pretty from a distance, but up close the fabric is ripping. I should have covered them in plastic first.

    2. Thanks for your quick reply!! I'm going anyway because it looks like they may have the right kind of crates. (I got milk crates from our cafeteria for free but they don't have a lip inside and I'm afraid the lids will slide right off.) I'll let you know! ;)

  13. So cute!! Do you have any suggestions for table group names (polka dot theme)?


    Miss J

    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  14. Which pop out letters did you get from Frog Street Press? I LOVE the colors and polka dots in your packet.. Planning on purchasing soon!

  15. Love your Ideas Erica! Heading over to TPT. I want to ask if the deskplates have been updated to the packet? Also the pop out letters that you used are they the 3in. Or 5 in.? Thank you!

  16. Polka dots are so cute. Please share your success in gaining so many followers. Just getting started and would appreciate any advice you are willing to share.


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