Scardey Squirrel and Skippyjon Jones Classroom Mascots and Classroom Mascot Linky Party!

07 August 2011
Do you have a classroom mascot?  Mr. Moo was my mascot for the past eight years.  My room theme is changing from cows to polka dots, so I have decided to change my mascot, too.  I received such wonderful feedback on my post about Mr. Moo, that I decided to do a post on classroom mascots.  *Click {here} to read about Mr. Moo and download his packet.    Also, thank you for the outpouring of love and support that you gave me when Molly passed away.

Here are my two new classroom mascot packets: Scardey Squirrel and Skippyjon Jones!  You can download the packets by clicking on the pictures below.
You can purchase Scardey Squirrel, by clicking {here} and Skippyjon Jones by clicking {here} or by checking out Kohl's.

*Update on Skippyjon!  I found him at Kohl's.  You can click here to check out the Skippyjon Jones Products on Kohl's website. I also wanted to share an exclusive 10% off code for You can use the code UBLOGTEN now through October 24th and stack your savings with one other department specific code as well. 

How to create your own classroom mascot:
1. Purchase a character or stuffed animal.  I used a Webkinz for Mr. Moo.
2. Purchase picture books that go with the animal.  For Mr. Moo, I used Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type and Two Cool Cows.
Large Clear Zipper Tote with Color Trim & Bottom (Black)3. Purchase a tote bag or clear tote.  For Mr. Moo I had a cow print bag.  For my two new mascots, I am going to use clear totes.
4. Purchase a view binder to use as a journal.
5. Create a cover and direction page.  Make sure to list the contents of the bag. I created the borders by placing digital scrapbook paper behind text boxes.
6.  Create journal entry pages and copy them on card stock paper.  Then three hole punch the paper.
7.  Put it all together and send it home with a new student each week.   I start at the end of the alphabet since my Star of the Week begins at the beginning.


  1. YAY!! I use Skippy Jon as my classroom mascot and his journal was a boring old spiral notebook! This is perfect!! YAY!! Thanks sooo much!
    Kerri B

  2. So cute! Thank you so much for sharing! I am working on a classroom mascot for my 1st graders this year. I am not sure if you're willing to share your secrets but how do you create your adorable polka dot borders on your pages?

  3. Thanks Eric! It is going to be fun seeing everyone's class mascots :D

    Mrs. Ayala’s Kinder FUN

  4. ok where can i find skippy to purchase??? :)

  5. nevermind i found where you wrote it! ;)

  6. THANKS for doing this!! I always read the Scaredy Squirrel books to my kids and I love the idea of making him our mascot. I was going to use a stuffed dog but this is so much better and ties into what I already do!!

  7. Very cute. Thanks for sharing your mascot.
    Fun 2B in First

  8. I LOVE Scaredy Squirrel! I even made a unit just for him! He is seriously too cute, and I love that he is your mascot!

    -Ms. Thomas

    The First Grade Jungle

  9. They have skippyjon at Kohls for $5 right now!!!

  10. You can buy Skippy Jon Jones at Kohl's right now for $5.

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  12. Does anyone know the name of the font they use in the books?

    1. I am also looking for a similar font, so did you ever find one???


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