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26 October 2011
Last week, we did a mini-unit on bats.  We started with a KWL chart, filling in the "K" and "W."  Then throughout the week we read non-fiction books on bats.  Towards the end of the week we filled in the "L" of our chart and wrote Bat Acrostic Poems using our new knowledge.  We decorated the poems with handprint bats.   Click {here} to download the poem printable for free.  The font is from Lettering Delights (click on my link to the left to take a look around they are having a big Dollar Days sale this week).  

These books helped get the creative juices flowing:

These are great non-fiction bat books:

Here are my plans for the week:
*I created this plan book template by modifying Ms. M's Is Everything Here template.  She had so many request for my version of the plan book, that she asked if I would allow her to sell it!  Of course I said yes!  Click {here} to order your own Erica plans!

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  1. Love your bat poems! They did such a great job!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  2. So cute! I just have a question for you (being a new first grade teacher here in NY)- How do you get your reading and math blocks in and cute projects like this?! Thanks for the freebie & adorable ideas!

  3. cute! I will have to remember those - I LOVE doing acrostic poetry!
    I also have some BAT theme posted...

  4. LOVE the poems! We made (almost) the same bats yesterday and the kids had a ball! They learned to help each other trace hands =) Thanks for the shout out!


    Camp Kindergarten

  5. Wow! Thanks so much for the wonderful "bat" blog resource! You are super!

  6. Hello!

    My name is Missy Kennedy and I teach third grade. I am part of the postcard exchange and wanted to let you know about my class.

    Our school is Parkview Baptist School and is located in Baton Rouge, the capitol of Louisiana. We are celebrating our 30th birthday this year and are the largest private school (non-parochial) in the state.

    We are excited about getting to know more about your class. I have a postcard exchange page on my blog and hope you visit. We have some questions for you to answer listed on that page. I will post as I receive postcards.

    Looking forward to meeting you and your class,

    Mrs. Kennedy
    The Kennedy Korral Blog

  7. Hi Erica,

    I just wanted to thank you for posting your plans!! I love all the cute things you make with your class! I've started incorporating things like the bat activity during guided reading time & its working great so far (only 1 week but so far, so good). Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Erica,

    Do you have a template of your plans to share that we can edit and use in our classroom?


  9. Do you have a template of your plans to share that I can edit and use in my classroom?

    Thanks, Jennifer Meadows @

    1. I am interested in the same thing! What program did you use?


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