Busy Teacher's To-Do Lists

03 October 2011
I love To-Do Lists!  I write them on post-its, on those To-Do List pads, and on my Blackberry.  I also like to make To-Do Lists of ideas I have for TpT, my blog, and Scholastic.  I created free "Busy Teacher's To-Do Lists" for TpT and posted about them on Blog Hoppin'.  Click {here} to hop over and read the post!  These are perfect for sticking in your plan book or in that giant paper clip on your desk.

I also try to follow Ralph Fletcher's A Writer's Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You and carry around a small notebook.  So when an idea, moment, situation, or story seems worth jotting down, I do.  I purchased my two notebooks from Marshall's which happens to be one of my favorite stores!  (I love bargins and designer duds for less!)  I keep the larger one by my bed with a pen and the smaller one in my purse.

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  1. I love these, I can't decide which one I like best!! Thanks for sharing Erica!


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