Celebrating Birthdays with a Take-Home Bag

16 October 2011
I like to utilize Take-Home bags in my classroom to enhance The Home-School Connection.  I have a Star of the Week Bag, a Scaredy Squirrel Class Mascot Bag, a Dr. Seuss Bag, a Nursery Rhyme Bag, a Lost Tooth Bag, and a Birthday Bag.  I have previously posted about my mascot bags {click here and here}, my Dr. Seuss Bag {click here}, and my Star of the Week Bag {click here}.  Well, now it is time for me to post about my Birthday Bag.  I created a Birthday Take Home Pack packet for TpT.  For only $3, this packet will help you make your students' birthdays as special as they are!
Included in the packet are the directions and the printables need to create a Birthday Bag and Birthday Journal.  Also, included are various forms of letters to parents letting them know when to send in goodies for their child's birthday celebration.  Included are two versions of parent letters for celebrating a summer birthday.  There are black-line master cards for the students to make birthday cards.  There is a birthday class-made book that can be complied for the birthday child.  I have also included a color birthday card from you, the teacher.

The Birthday Bag is created by purchasing the following items:
Here are the books I include in my birthday bag:
 I hope you check out my packet by clicking here.  Have fun celebrating birthdays with your students!


  1. This is so cute. I have another teacher that does birthday bags and I know the kids love them. I am thinking about maybe doing this. Very cute!

  2. FYI - I just tried to buy this and it was FREE not $3.00. Wasn't sure if this was supposed to be the case. Let me know. I have if, but will pay you through pay pal if need be.

  3. Thanks Lauren! No need to pay me. I fixed it and appreciate your honesty. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  4. I love this Erca, and will definitely purchase it in the near future. I have to go through what I have already purchased first. LOL. Thanks for the great ideas!


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