Words With Bonus Letters

12 October 2011
Ms. M posted last week about needing help with bonus letters.  I sent her my Words With Bonus Letters File Folder Word Wall from TpT.  Then Erika from The Honey Bunch emailed me that she was doing a post on Bonus Letters and would give me a shout out.  So I checked out her post and found that she has some great freebies!  Click {here}  and {here} to hop over to her blog and find the posts.

In the spirit of sharing, I posting my Read/Write the room for Words with Bonus Letters worksheet for free.  Just click {here} or the picture to download.

This sheet is included in my huge Read/Write the Room packet for TpT.  You can read about that packet {here}. 

My font is called You Wish You Were a Shirley and Pea Times New Camileon  both fonts are from KevinandAmanda.com

The ball graphic is from www.digiwebstudio.com.  


  1. Thanks for the nice comment about my blog. I LOVE your read and write the room activity and will definitely be using this! How's the new guinea pig doing?

    2B Honey Bunch

  2. Wow, I am sooooo late with this! Thank you for your Bonus Letters packet. It was helpful to me and my students.

    Ms. M
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