Beachy Keen and Pool Cool Literacy and Math Activities

27 June 2011

I finally finished my summer themed Beachy Keen and Pool Cool Literacy and Math Activities packet.  I used it with my students the last two weeks of school.  It is perfect for use in your summer school classroom (if your district has summer school) or save it for next year.  Since, I did not get to post it before my sale, I am running a sale on this item only until tomorrow night!
This 64 page packet includes a bibliography, literacy activities with specific response activities for beach and pool themed picture books, three file file folder word walls with pictures, beach and pool acrostic poems,a summer themed buddy reading log, beach and pool themed math centers and so much more.
The books with specific literacy response activities are: The Boy Who Wouldn't Swim, Commotion in the Ocean, The Big, Big Sea, Dear Fish, How Many Fish, and Down by the Cool of the Pool.  The specific math centers are as follows: Pool Cool Word Problems, Beachy Keen Addition and Subtraction, Sailing Away with Fact Families, and Our Favorite Things About Summer Graphing.
Feel free to email me with any questions!

End of the School Year Memory Book!

22 June 2011

I finally finished my End of the Year Memory Book for K-3 this week.  I know it is a bit too late for most of you, but you could always get it on sale now and save it for next year.  I included inspirational quotes on most of the pages.  It took me forever to find just the right ones.  Check out my End of the Year Memory Book by clicking {here}
I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!  
Click {here} to go to my store.

Happy 700 Followers!

16 June 2011

I am now up to 700 followers!  To say thank you to my 100 new followers and to thank my loyal followers, I have made many  items in my TpT store free!  I now have a total of 19 free items.  Click {here} to view my products.  (I have made the link so that it lists the free items first.)

Pool or Beach Acrostic Poems

12 June 2011
My students created "Pool" or "Ocean" glyphs from Deanna Jump's Ocean Animals Math and Literacy Fun unit.  Click {here} to check out her post on the unit and click {here} to check it out on TpT.  I think the pool and ocean kids are just the cutest things ever!  Even though we only have a few weeks left of school, I had to hang them in the hall.  I had my students create "Pool" or "Beach" acrostic poems to go with their glyphs.  These poems are part of my Beachy Keen and Pool Cool Packet, but you can snag them for free by clicking the poems below!  To check out my packet, click on the thumbnail sample.

This and That

09 June 2011
Hello, blog buddies.  I am so sorry that I have not posted as much lately.   I have been so busy.
First, I want to thank you for all your kind words and support for my post on becoming a published author.  A couple people asked me if I would do ebooks.  I think I will stick with TpT for now.  I also don't plan on proposing another Scholastic book for a while.  If there are any requests for materials you would like me to make for TpT please let me know in a comment.  I plan on tweaking my older items on TpT and creating new ones this summer.

School is still going full speed.  We have two full weeks of school left.  Today was over 90 degrees in my classroom!  I feel spent. This week my first graders are taking the TerraNova Exam.  I have embedded some punctuation test prep that we did.
Yesterday, was Paige's award dinner.  Click here for my link on Paige's award.

We had Molly's retirement party today.  Molly is our class pet, a guinea pig.  She is over nine years old.  That is ancient for a guinea pig.  She has not been looking well (this is an old picture of her) and I thought it best that she spend her final days at my house.

I hope you are keeping cool!  Happy Summer!!!!

600 Followers Thank You and a Food Themed File Folder Word Wall Freebie!

01 June 2011
I am very excited to reach 600 followers in such a short period of time.  Thank you for all of your kind and supportive comments.  I was overwhelmed by the responses to my last post on becoming a published author.  I was glad to help and I hope I inspired some of you.
Thank you for purchasing my items from my TpT store!  Please, check out my store if you have not already done so by clicking {here}!  As a thank you for following my blog, I am giving you my Food Themed File Folder Word Walls for FREE!  Click the embedded file below to download.  If you like these word walls, you will love my Alphabet File Folder Word Walls and Thematic File Folder Word Walls.  Both are available in my TpT store!

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