Comprehension Cueing Cards and Guided Reading Resource

28 December 2011

I had some requests to add more comprehension cueing cards to my Reading Comprehension Cueing Cards Packet.  I finally got around to adding the new cards.  Click {here} to check out the packet or go to TpT to re-download, if you already purchased.  I also updated my Guided Reading Resources Packet which includes these cards.

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Happy New Year Common Core Math and Literacy Activities, Plus Art Projects!

25 December 2011

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  I hope you all have off from school this week.  I am so happy to have some time to get things done and catch up with friends.  
I just posted my 81 page  Happy New Year Common Core Math and Literacy Activities, plus Art Projects packet on TpT. It includes a bibliography and art activities to go with the writing.
There are five math centers: 

  • Happy New Year Sums of Ten Center
  • Happy New Year Make Ten to Add
  • Happy New Year Domino Fact Families
  • Happy New Year Count on to Subtract
  • New Year's Addition: Three Addends

There are six literacy/art activities:

  • My Wish for the New Year Writing Prompt and Art Project
  • How I Celebrate the New Year Writing Activity
  • P. Bear's New Year's Party Sequencing Activity
  • P. Bear Art Center 
  • To Keep Myself Awake on New Year's Eve...Writing Prompt
  • Starting the New Year on the Right Foot Writing and Craft Activity
Here are some New Year's themed books I recommend purchasing or borrowing from the library: 
I hope you and your students have a Happy New Year!  Click {here} to check out my packet.

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

Gingerbread Cookies

21 December 2011
Those are supposed to be gingerbread men.  Cooking is not a talent of mine.  I dropped the first tray on the floor and apparently, I made the dough too thick and placed them too close together on the second tray.  Though both trays of cookies did not end up tasting bad, I could not use them for my gingerbread graphing.  It was kind of hard to tell what was a head and what was a leg!  

I took Michelle Oakes' advice and bought Little Debbie gingerbread men.  They worked out great.  The kids loved graphing where they bit first.  

After the graphing, we did Deanna Jump's gingerbread science experiment.  The kids were so excited when his arm fell off!  They kept telling me that I was the best teacher ever.  It's the little things that make kids happy :)
 Click {here} for my other gingerbread posts and some freebies!

Happy Hanukkah!

18 December 2011
Hanukkah begins this week and I wanted to do some activities with my students to celebrate.  I also wanted to balance out all the Christmasy themed activities we did last week.  It is a tricky situation, I feel Santa is not a religious symbol and I am comfortable doing Santa themed activities, like the ones in my last post.  Hanukkah does not seem to be as commercialized as Christmas and there are not as many non-religious symbols to choose from.  So that being said, my favorite symbols for celebrating Hanukkah are dreidels and latkes.

For those of you who do not know what latkes (lot-ka-z) are, they are kind of like McDonald's Hash Browns.  I only first had them when I started teaching and a parent who celebrated Hanukkah offered to bring them in for the class.  I thought it was a fabulous idea and I really liked them.  The students really liked them, too.  So now each year, I try to get a parent volunteer to make latkes.

I read my students my favorite Hanukkah book, The Chanukkah Guest by Eric A. Kimmel.  It is about an old woman who mistakes a burly bear for her rabbi and feeds him all her latkes.  It is a funny book, that the students really enjoy.  After the book, we sample latkes.  Latkes are served with applesauce or sour cream.  Never to miss an opportunity for math, I have the students graph how they best like their latkes.  Click the pictures below to download your copy of the activity for free!

 Don't forget to check out my Teaching Compassion at Christmas Time, this unit could work at anytime of year and would even be a great unit for after the holidays.  It is only $3!

Have Yourself a Very Common Core Christmas!

13 December 2011
School does not end until December 23rd here in Lindenhurst, Long Island.  So, I have been working away at my Common Core Christmas packet.  Please, check it out by clicking {here} or any of the pictures below! 
Here are a few activities included in the packet.
Click {here} for your free sample, which includes this Substitute Santa job application!
BTW -My pal, Cara Carroll, of the fabulous The First Grade Parade, has an adorable Elf Application that you must check out (click {here})!
We created these Substitute Santa projects after reading these books:

Santa's Beard Holiday Card

Santa and Rudolph Make Ten to Add

Christmas Tree Addition - Three Addends

Reindeer Hats

I will post more photos as we complete more activities.  I also plan on posting some Hanukkah freebies.  So please, make sure you follow my blog so you don't miss out!  You can click on the picture below to purchase my unit today.
This 90 page packet is full of math and literacy activities aligned to the Common Core standards.  Also included are parent letters and arts and craft activities.  All tracers are included and sample photographs for the art projects.

Math Activities:
Rudolph and Santa Ways to Make Five
Rudolph and Santa Ways to Make Ten
Rudolph and Santa Make Ten to Add
Elf Domino Fact Families
Christmas Tree Addition - Three Addends
Christmas Estimation

Literacy Activities:
Santa Stuck Writing Prompt
Dear Santa Letter
A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree Writing Prompt
Substitute Sant Job Applications
If I Were a Reindeer Writing Prompt
Who Will Guide Santa's Sleigh Writing Prompt
Polar Express Venn Diagram
How I Celebrate The December Holidays Writing Homework
Art Projects:
Student Santas
Hand and Footprint Reindeer
Santa's Beard Holiday Card
Polar Express Candy Train
Reindeer Hat

Click {here} to download a free sample from this packet :)
 As always, please email me with any suggestions or comments :)

Polar Express Movie Party Ticket and More!

10 December 2011
This Friday, my grade plans to have a Polar Express Pajama Movie Party!  I am inviting my first graders using this ticket.  
I have included this ticket and another version of the ticket, a Venn Diagram, a candy Polar Express craft, and parent letter in the packet below.  Just click on the pictures to download for free!  My gift to you this holiday season.
 Polar Express Candy Train
 Book Vs. Movie Venn

*For more Polar Express ideas, I recommend checking out Deanna Jump's Polar Express Literacy and Math Fun!  It is A-Dorable!!!  I am skipping a reading story this week and next just so I can do all these fun holiday activities.

Also, check out this packet, I just finished making!  Click on the picture.

Common Core Gingerbread Math Centers and Cute Snowman Door

08 December 2011
Here are some photos of my Common Core Gingerbread Math Centers.  They are in my Common Core Gingerbread Man Activities packet, available through TpT.

Make Ten to Add
I purchased the gingerbread themed buckets from the Dollar Spot at Target.
Gingerbread Man Domino Fact Families

Gingerbread Land - Find the Missing Addend Word Problems

Check out this adorable door!  It is not mine :(  
I admit it, I am jealous.  I don't even change my door for seasons!
My friend teaches first grade ABA across the hall and has a former art teacher as a classroom aide.  She created this awesome 3-D scene.

Teaching Compassion at Christmas Time

04 December 2011
This character education unit utilizes picture books to teach children about being compassionate.  I developed this unit because I wanted my students to appreciate all the good that is in their lives and to inspire them to empathize with and want to help people who are less fortunate.  This unit includes one formal lesson plan aligned to the Common Core Standards for grades K-2 and seven informal lessons.  The unit includes nine writing/extension activities/printables, plus a Venn Diagram that can be made to compare any of the books utilized in the unit.  I also include a bibliography and sample parent letter.
Happy Holidays!  Click on the pictures to purchase from TpT for only $3!

Here are some of the picture books I utilize for this unit.
*The Lady in the Box, seems to be out of print.  I originally borrowed it from my local library and then bought a copy, so check your library first.

Critters in the Classroom

03 December 2011
I started another blog, Critters in the Classroom!  It is about classroom pets and was designed by the super talented, Kristen, AKA Ladybug.  Pop over to download your free Critters in the Classroom guide and follow us for updates.

Or click on the cover to download the guide for free from TpT!
If you have a classroom pet and would like to join on as a writer, please contact me :)

Huge Giveaway, Huge Holiday Freebie Compilation, and Last Day of My Huge Sale!

01 December 2011
Oh' Boy 4th Grade is hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.  I will be featured on Day 7!  Follow each day for a chance to win awesome prizes and then on day 12 the grand prize.  Click the picture below to hop over.
I also wanted to let you know about this HUGE Winter Holiday Compilation by Teachers Pay Teachers authors including myself.  Click on the picture to download today.  

Just a friendly reminder that my 20% off sale ends tonight!  Click on the picture below to hop over.
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