Aarrgh! Awesome Pirate Products!

22 March 2012

Ahoy Mateys!  Aargh you looking for pirate themed packet?  I love pirates, my students love pirates, and I know you will love these pirate packets.  So bookmark or pin this post and start shopping! Click on the pictures to go directly to TpT to shop!  Scroll to the end of this post for some pirate freebies and a link to my Pirate Pin Board.

Here are some perfect pirate packets:
I just updated this packet and added 16 more pages to this packet, including a Comparing Numbers Center!


Schoolgirl Style's Pirate Theme (This product is in her Teacher's Notebook Shop):


Christie Lamb's Do You Speak Pirate

Here are some pirate freebies (check back as I plan to add more as I find them)!

Kathleen of Growing Kinders has these awesome freebies!

Follow my Pirate Themed Pinterest Board by clicking {here}.  As always, you have permission to pin anything on my blog!  

Click on the books to go to check out these awesome books:

Don't forget your eye patches!


  1. I am doing a Pirate theme this year and already follow your Pinterest board. I just was on Pinterest and thought I had found the Pirate's treasure from all of your pirate pins that kept popping up!! My kids love pirates this year!

  2. I wish I could do my theme again! So many wonderful products. We are going to be a super hero theme next year. Pretty certain I'm gonna dress up at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. =)


  3. I have few of those already!! :)
    I also have a few pirate things

    (so far -have more to come! :)

  4. Holy Moly! I had no idea there were so many awesome pirate-themed units out there! My kids would LOVE this. Where to begin?! I may have to add all of these to my wish list! This looks like so much fun. :) Thanks for taking the time to post about all of these resources.
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  5. I saw your pin board with all these images and HAD to see what was going on! LOVE it!
    It is always nice to stop by your blog!
    Sharing Kindergarten

  6. Oh my goodness lady! Thanks for paving the way and finding all these treasures for us! haha I love your blog and all your ideas! Keep them coming! Here is one of my pirate themed units- if you want (no pressure!)


    1. Christie can you email me a thumbnail or the product and I will make a thumbnail? Thanks, here is my email: ericabohrer@gmail.com

  7. Thanks for your post. It really helped me to launch Bartram's Buccaneers this year.


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