08 April 2012
We just finished two bear themed stories in our reading series, Splash! and Little Bear's Friend.  Besides reading the stories, I decided to do a whole bear thematic unit.  I updated what I had already had and  I utilized my sweet friend, Rachelle's A Unit All About Bears With Math, Literacy, and Art.  Click the picture below to the right to check her unit out.  I compiled my resources into a $3 mini-unit about bears and a freebie bear themed art center.  Click on the cover pictures below to check them out!  Of course I suggest buying both awesome units!

Click the picture below for the links to bear themed picture books.
One of my student's writing from Rachelle's Bear Unit.
Schema Chart inspired by Rachelle's Bear Unit.
We also did Rachelle's adorable Teddy Bear Day.  The students loved bringing in their teddy bears, measuring them, and sharing about them using her adorable activities!

My Art Center Freebie!
Click any of the pics for the freebie!
I updated my bear themed math centers to align to the Common Core.  They were some of my first units, from when I first started selling on TpT.  If you already purchased these units, I suggest re-downloading for the updates.  If not check them out, they are very reasonably priced at $1.50 each.


  1. Looks like a great packet. Going to check it out now.

  2. This is adorable!! Definitely, going to check it out!!

    Miss J
    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  3. These are DARLING! The bears remind me of the Grateful Dead's dancing bears which I loved as a child.
    {But thank goodness I never got them tatooed on my body:)}

    1. Thanks Cecelia! I did not think of that and now I totally see it! Haha...yes good thing you did not get the tattoo.

  4. Thank you for sharing your list of bear books! You provided a great resource for a classroom library!

  5. Aw man! I am so bummed that we just finished our bear unit a couple of weeks ago...there's always next year though. This looks super adorable!!

    Kindergarten Kel

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