Letter and Postcard Writing!

23 April 2012
I created this unit last year and it is still by far one of my favorites.  *If you purchased this unit last year, please re-download.  I added a few more pages.  Click on the thumbnail to check it out on TpT.  My favorite letter writing activity is when the students pretend they are dogs writing to "Mr. Mutt" about their dog problems.  Then they pretend to be Mr. Mutt and write back to the dog.  Last they pretend to be a cat, scolding Mr. Mutt for his advice. 
Click on the book cover to check out the book. It is hysterical.


We also write to the Tooth Fairy in this unit and she writes back!  The kids LOVE this.  


Here are the picture books I suggest using with this activity.  Click the covers to check them out on Amazon.com

This year we participated in Primary Graffiti and The Techy Teacher's Postcard Exchange.  I held onto all of the postcards until we began our letter writing unit.  I read a few postcards a day.  The postcards also tie in well with our reading story of the week, Me on the Map.  I put up a big display of the USA and have been pinning the postcards to the display as we read through them.  It is a great way for the kids to learn about the states.  

Here are the picture books to go with the postcard portion of my unit:

Click {here} to check out my top selling Letter Writing Unit.  It is an extensive 70 page letter writing unit. 

Included in the unit:


  1. SO FUN! We actually had Susan Stevens Crummel visit our school last year and read this book to our kiddos! VERY funny, especially in her voices! Sounds like your students enjoy it, too! There letters are very cute.

    Just Tinkerin’ Around

  2. The dog, cat, and toothfairies are So cute! Do you buy all of your scrapbooking paper, or where do you get it from?

    Tangled with Teaching

    1. Thank you! I got it from Big Lots. I used to scrapbook a lot years ago, so I have a ton of paper left over. I was going to make each of my four pets his/her own scrapbook. Um...way to crazy. I made the first dog one and that was the end of that.
      I also always check out the clearance at JoAnn's or wait for a sale at Michael's or AC Moore and stock up on extra paper.

  3. Ya'll... this unit is awesome! I did it for two weeks earlier this month. It is perfect for showing kiddos that what they write and how their writing looks is very important. Everyone's been oohing and ahing at my fairies in the hall! (But I sent mine home as homework!) The best part was when my amazing principal came in and totally acted out the part of receiving a delivery that had to be opened right away (all of their letters from the tooth fairy).... my kid's eyes were so wide when they saw all the fairy dust come out of the envelope. AMAZING!

    1. That is awesome! I am so glad your kids loved it. Good idea about the fairies...I am stretched for time this year. I may add a parent letter to the packet for that.

    2. I think I actually made one if you want it!


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