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01 April 2012

I had a few requests to add a plant observation log to my "My Seed to Plant Project."  Please, re-download for the update!  If you have not purchased it, it is a quick and easy supplement to your current plant curriculum and is only $2!   

Here is my tip for planting with little ones:  Always have back-up seedlings!  I plant extra seeds in a normal sized pot.  When I notice that a student's little pot does not have a sprout, I transfer a seedling into their pot before he/she comes into school the next day.  Also, sometimes when the students are measuring their plants, they accidentally break the stem.  It helps to have extra seedlings for this.  I also suggest letting them use paper rulers or measuring yarn and then comparing the yarn to the height of the plant.  I hate to see tears over broken plants.  In the past, I tried using scotch tape on one little boy's plant...it does not work.

Jelly Bean Sorting and Graphing
Jelly Bean Estimation Jars - I ran out of the cute buckets at the right so I had to use some plastic containers.  Click {here} to download the labels for free!
Click the picture above for a freebie!

Sunflower Math for only $3.50!

Happy Spring!


  1. Great Job, Erica! I love the jelly bean centers :)


  2. Love the plant pack! I just added it to my wishlist!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. The plant pack is on my wishlist too.. I'm debating mothers day gifts, plants or no plants??!?

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  4. Your little tags are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    Kindergarten Hoppenings

  5. All of these cards are very much useful for kids,great ides.

    plastic cards
    clear cards

  6. All this stuff looks so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love all your stuff! I tagged you if you get a chance to play. Come check it out.


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