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22 August 2012
I am so stressed out because my classroom is not set up yet!  I am having those nightmares that it does not get done before school starts.  I just have been so busy and it was so hard to leave the puppies that I am fostering alone.  Anyway, I am going in today!  I don't start until September 4th and kids don't come until the 5th, so I still have time - I just hate cramming it in.  I also moved classrooms this year, to one without a bathroom.  I have more space to work with - Yeah!  No bathroom - Boo!

Here are the photos of my last year's classroom.   Click the picture below to go to Shutterfly to look.
Don't bother getting those cubes...they looked nice for like 3 months!

I did buy new bins and I am still working on printing and laminating new labels.  I plan on donating the old ones to the first teacher at my school that grabs them :)  
Follow my blog for more updates.   I promise to get my butt in gear and set up this classroom.  I do have a question out there for my matchy-matchy friends: Where do I get a black or bright colored pocket chart?  Primary colors do not match my classroom! 

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  1. If someone has the answer to the brightly colored or black pocket chart question, will you please post the answer? I would love to know also... thanks!

    1. Of course I will! I wrote to Really Good Stuff asking if they would make one, but I have not heard back. I am getting their neon book baggies for my kiddos!

  2. I did buy a few small pocket charts in purple at Targets dollar spot... Would a bigger one in a different color though!

  3. Would yellow work for you? I think Carson Dellosa used to make a yellow one that you can get on different sites if you google "yellow pocket chart."


    I would LOVE a black or bright one if you happen to find one or hear back from Really Good Stuff, but I found yellow to be the best option out of what I could find (as opposed to red or dark blue) for my room!! Your room will come together quickly. :) Bless your heart for taking care of those sweet pups!


  4. Erica . . . you are brilliant! I never even thought to wrap up my book bins over the summer. I drape my computers in oodles of plastic . . . why not some other things too??!! Making a mental note right now - it's gonna save me come August next year! Loved seeing your room today. THANKS :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  5. I have the same issue with pocket charts Erica. I searched high and low. I found ONE... yes ONE black one, but it was in CHINA. Go figure! I didn't want to pay $2 for the pocket chart and $47 for shipping so I bought a few purple ones from the Target dollar spot since it was as close as I was going to get to my color scheme and then covered all of the edges with black and white damask duct tape. It looks fantastic and when the pocket chart is being used you don't even see the purple.

  6. You can get black and other colors here:

    Lesson plans & Lattes

  7. I've been having nightmares about not getting my classroom setup in time too! Eek! :)

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  8. We use Number Corner for our calendar math. The pocket chart that comes with it is black. I don't know if you can buy the pocket chart by itself. It is a calendar pocket chart, though. It's available through the Math Learning Center in Oregon. I have bought some colored ones at Lakeshore. They have red, green, and yellow. I wish there would be bright colors like you mentioned. I'm using your bright polka dots. I love the Word Wall words and labeled my DRA book bins with your large A - Z labels.

    I, also, love how you put plastic over your book bins. I'm going to do that next year. I really didn't cover mine this year because of the time it would cover using butcher paper.

    The Teacher's Jungle

  9. Whew...I was panicing as we were flying back from Disney today thinking...I need to get my room ready. I know I will be having nightmares too. I can't wait to see your room unfold.

    Cialini Chat


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