Doubles Plus One & Domino Math Centers

03 December 2012
Are Doubles Plus One perplexing your students?  

First, the concept assumes they have their doubles facts memorized.  We have been working on this through our math rings, but we are not there yet!  To help my students out, I made them little cheat sheets with domino doubles.  Then I created some guided math centers.  Right now, we are tackling Doubles Plus One and next up is Doubles Minus One (why anyone would need to do it this way is beyond me, but it is part of the math series).  Then, I will have the students do a guided math center of Doubles Minus or Plus One!  

I created a whole Common Core aligned, domino themed math centers packet.  If you are a follower, then you already know that I love to use dominos for fact family work.  

Why I love dominos:
1.  They are sturdy and will last forever.
2.  You can spray them with Lysol to kill germs.
3.  They are colorful and cheap!  Click here to check some out on Amazon. 
4.  They are instant math accessories! 

Yes, dominos are the best!

Here are samples from the centers included in my packet.  Just click on the pictures to check out the packet on TpT.  I included a free sample of the Domino Doubles Minus and Plus One in the preview file.  Click "Download Preview" to get it for free. 

 PS - If you already purchased this packet, you should be able to re-download and grab the new doubles centers.

 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love how it can be totally independent!! Good fluency for math facts!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. Erica,
    How timely! We are just finishing up with doubles and will be moving on to doubles plus one at the end of the week. I too like using dominoes (especially for fact families). We make edible ones from a graham cracker sheet with chocolate frosting and mini marshmallows. (We are learning "smore" about fact families.) Liz in South Dakota

  3. Hi Erica!
    I love this packet! I am a Kindergarten teacher, and I am actually buying it for my daughter in first grade. She has special needs, and this is just what I have been looking for to help her with this skill. This is a fantastic resource for me to have, and use with her at home!
    Thank you!

  4. Can you believe I don't have ANY dominoes?!?! This is my 3rd year and I still need to get my hands on some. If you have any ideas of where to get cheap dominoes, let me know! Love the packet, Erica!

    Thank you :)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

    1. Marshall's and TJ Maxx usually have them, too!

    2. I think I got them for a reasonable price at EAI Education.

  5. At our school here in Australia we simply call these facts "near doubles", whether they are doubles plus or minus one. I have my year ones look for the doubles fact closest.I also have domino dot flashcards I made with fluoro dot stickers for subitizing with these dominoes arrays. This is a great packet. Thank you!

  6. Let me guess....Go Math? Or perhaps Envisons. We got Go Math in Roslyn this year for the first time, and my second graders are completely lost with this, since the program assumes they have the background. Last weeks lessons were even worse, making a 10 to add and subtract...

    1. Oh dear, our school tried and then canned Go Maths (Australian, hence the Math"s") about 2 years ago. It certainly has issues.

    2. Yes, Go Math! Don't you love "make a ten to subtract?" My math centers really help them with the concepts but teaching a normal math lesson can take up to 1 hour and 45 minutes! Apparently it is a cheaper program than Envisions.

    3. I totally forgot that I wrote this! Haha. I'm glad we're not the only one who takes that long to teach the math lessons. We're supposed to stick to the blocks we are given, and since we do Go Math plus TC for reading/writing, the teacher I work with cut out centers this year. I am dying. I want to implement these, but I'm only a full time TA in the classroom, so I go with the flow. I got into teaching at the WRONG time, and as you know on Long Island, finding a job is rough!

      I already have your primary polka dot set bookmarked for my future (if it ever happens) classroom one day, haha. I love them!

      Make a 10 to subtract drives me nuts. We got many frantic emails and notes from parents that night. One parent remarked "It's not funny! I can't do second grade math!" with a slight giggle/panic.

      I taught Envisions last year while subbing, and then at the end of the year when I was a TA in a classroom with a teacher who let me teach half the day. After dealing with both, I definitely have to say that I prefer Envisions. Both have their flaws, but Envisions seems to move at a *slightly* better pace. It's similar to Go Math, but I really think Pearson did it better with Envisions. I seemed to have a lot less "Are you kidding me?" moments with Envisions than we do with Go Math.

    4. Go Math can be challenging! I find some of my parents have a hard time helping with homework because it's so different. I also found that it doesn't have enough spiral review. This led me to start my first TPT project. I have developed two 6 problem review sheets for every lesson in chapters 1 and 2. I plan on using side A for a quick review before I introduce the day's lesson and side B for homework. This way the parents can refer to side A if they do not understand it. (Side A and B have the same type of problems.)

      I have chapter 3 almost finished. I plan on doing all the chapters, but would love someone's feedback before I continue. If anyone is interested in giving me feedback, you can preview it at

    5. we just started go math this year. We are having such a hard time With the flow of the lessons and the time. can you share how your math time is set up ? Also, just wondering if you will be sharing Your virtual plans this year. I loved them . thanks so much!


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