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31 December 2012
Do you remember my post about this?  *Click on the picture to read that post.
Yeah...well I fell off the exercise wagon this summer.  I hurt my ankle and I could not take my beloved Pump and Jump classes.  My ankle still hurts and I went to an orthopedist and he x-rayed it, said it was fine, and gave me pain pills.  It is very frustrating and I hate taking pain meds. So what started as taking it easy for my ankle, slipped further into gym slacking when everything happened in October.  I was going to try getting back into it this week and my grandmother past away.  Yes, these are all legitimate excuses but I was forgetting how good exercise made me feel and how it helped with stress.  I think I am afraid all my gym friends will judge me and I am embarrassed of  how I look now (which really is just flabby and a few pounds heavier).

So, I am going to take my own advice and stick to it.  Maybe I will try to run a marathon or enter a fitness contest.  I am so flattered that my blog follower/friend, Ashley of The Teacher's Treasure Chest, read my post last year and embaracked on her own fitness journey!    Way to go Ashley!  I am proud of you.

For some fitness ideas and tough love quotes, check out my Fitness Pinterest page.
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To link up, enter an awesome contest, and read about other fitness goals, hop over to the ever fabulous DeeDee!  I am so proud of her and her fitness goal.  I know you can do it DeeDee!  Love Ya!


  1. I am small and short like you and I am also trying to get back in the fitness grove!

    Come visit me!
    Just Diving In

  2. Oh Erica, I know no one would judge you, you look fantastic and are an incredible person and teacher! I hope you have a very happy New Year full of everything you wish for.

  3. You are tiny and cute... and I want to put you in my pocket! :) Hugs!

    1. Haha are you stealing Cara's lines! <3 you!

  4. You have inspired me Erica! I know a few pounds on a short person can make you go from a size 0 to a size 2 waaaayyyyy too easily. I weigh less than 100 lbs but want to work on my tummy area. You are amazing in every way!

    Praying 2013 will be full of blessings. I know the end of 2012 was hard for you.

    Hugs sweet lady! =)

    Heather's Heart

  5. I know you will get back into the swing of things quickly!! You rock!

    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  6. Such a fitness inspiration. I visited your pinterest board and I repinned some of the things. very motivational. Thanks for sharing!

    Darling Little Learners

  7. Dear Erica.
    Last year I taught First Grade and bought many of your items on TPT. I love your work. I won the raffle on Mrs. Albanese's blog and I wanted to thank you for your Winter Unit. I appreciate all that you do to make my teaching job so much easier. I am teaching Kindergarten this year and have many smart little cuties that can use the harder ideas. Thanks again!
    Dru Moore

  8. I can sooo relate to this post...I was training for a marathon last June and fell (at school!!) and dislocated my knee. I am still not back in the swing of things with exercising. It is so hard once the routine is broken!

    Kindergarten Kel


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