Happy Hanukkah

11 December 2012
Today we celebrated Hanukkah by creating dreidels with "dr" blends (blends are something we are studying in phonics) and taste tested latkes.  None of the students had ever tried latkes before and they really had a blast.  I actually had never had them up until eight years ago, when a parent of a Jewish student offered to bring them in.  I thought it was a fabulous idea and I have kept up the tradition ever since!
The cute owl clip art is by Pink Cat Studio

Click below to download the How We Like Our Latkes Graphing and Analyzing Data Activity for free from TpT. 


  1. Super cute - thanks, Erica! When we've had latkes we get them from Trader Joes...not nearly as tasty as homemade, but much easier when making them for a whole class!
    Growing Firsties is having a giveaway!

  2. This is so cool Erica!! Your kids must have had a blast :)

  3. so yummy, I love taste tests. This is really cute! I was trying to explain how yummy latkes are to my kinders yesterday. No vote of confidence from my crew. I tried to share a link before, but my comment disappeared :( google the video candlelight by the Maccabeats. It tells the story of Hanuakkah to the dynomite tune. It's my favorite every year! We have to watch it a few times to get over the "I know this song" talk and final get them to follow the words and the story. You will have it stuck in your head too - "I throw my Latkes in the air sometimes, singing ay-o spin the dreidel :) enjoy!

  4. ps CONGRATS on the toy winners

  5. We did our graph! We had lots of fun making the latkes (I wish that I had made more -- the kids LOVED them! It's funny how different my results were -- in my class of 20, 8 of them liked them plain, then it was 4 each for the rest of the categories! My favourite way was with applesauce AND sour cream, LOL!
    Oh, and I just checked out that Maccabeats video -- I can't wait to show that to the kids tomorrow!

  6. Really cute! I had a parent come in the other day and teach the kiddos how to play dreidel. Great practice with equal shares!! I love the latke idea!

    The Fabulous First Grade


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