New Year's Resolution - Technology

27 December 2012
Today, I am linking up with my buddy Kathleen of Growing Kinders with my technology resolution.

Use the SmartBoard more and not just to show movies!

I have had my SmartBoard a few years and I do love it.  I use it everyday with our math series (Go Math) and attendance.  Yet, I don't feel I am using it to it's full potential.  I think I just get a bit overwhelmed with all that is out there for it.  So my resolution this year is to take baby steps and start utilizing it in a more interactive way.

How I use it now:
  • Attendance - one of my fellow first grade teachers made a cute practical file, which has the kids move their name to what they are getting for lunch.  It was so generous of her to share, I just changed the names of her students to mine.  I love how easy it is to edit a SmartBoard file!
  • I use it for my math series by logging in through ThinkCentral.  It is a great visual for the kids and they love the Curious George Videos.
  • I take little screen shots of my TpT products and insert them into SmartBoard files.  I do this for Venn diagrams especially!
  • Brain Pop Junior!  I love this site.  You seriously need to ask your district to buy a membership.  My students love Moby!  I love that the videos are short and educational.  I also love the little quizes at the end. 
  • Spelling City - This site is great for computer lab, but also a fun whole class way to play a game with spelling words. 
  • YouTube Videos - This is my favorite penguin video!!!

Please, link up with Kathleen by clicking here!  I hope to snag some more ways to use the SmartBoard.

There is also a flash giveaway where you could win my New Year's Unit among other awesome goodies!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Penguin video!

  2. I LOVE the penguin video! I love my SmartBoard and am going to try and start sharing all of the files I have created. My kiddos love United Streaming and Education City! =)

    Heather's Heart

  3. Brainpop is my go to website :) My kids love Moby too!

  4. I love using my Smartboard! It's overwhelming what is out there but I love checking out Smartexchange when planning units. :) Most of the things on there are free and it's nice to not reinvent the wheel!
    Fourth and Ten
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  5. I only wish I had a smart board!

  6. I'd like my "resolution" to be to use my Smartboard more too! I've had it at least 10 years & don't use it to its full potential either. I mostly use it with my wireless doc cam (which I love, love, love!!!)- whatever I'm working on projects on my Smartboard for all the kiddos to see. Carol

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