Tis' the Season to Shop!

12 December 2012
My sweet friend Michelle of Fabulous in First share a love of shopping, shoes, and bags!  She totally understands why I drool over Tory Burch flats and LOVE Urban Decay Eyeshadow.

We decided to share our holiday shopping top picks with you!  These are totally not school related but they could save you some time.  With more time, you could do more lesson planning...right?  Or maybe just some more shopping.

Here are my picks: I did not include who all of the items were for - what if they checked my blog! Click the pictures to check out the items and scroll down to link up!

Link up below with a direct link to your direct post!  Feel free to snag the cute graphic Michelle made, just make sure to link back to this post and Michelle's in your post.  


  1. I love my black hunter boots!! Classics. I got mine when I was in college and everyone said they looked like work boots! Well worth the price:)

  2. I have the bubble necklace and the sit pillows added to my favs on etsy! haha!

    1. The pillows were expensive but they are really well made!

  3. My kiddos are getting scooters for Christmas (They asked Santa for them), and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bubble necklace!!

    First Grade and Fabulous

    1. Cara Carroll told me about them. She said her kids love them!

  4. Replies
    1. I really should just go and order it for myself!

  5. I have the same camera bag on my wish list. Hubby just needs to give me the credit card :)
    My Second Sense

  6. Hey Erica,

    I am so excited to join your linky party but I made a little "OOPS" when I signed up, I typed in the name of the party instead of the name of my blog(I was multi-tasking of course). I would change it but I'm not sure how. I love the camera bag and I have a Dyson,it was the best purchase I ever made.

    ~Alison Funk

  7. These are great ideas. Especially the cute backpack, heated dog bed, and which pet lover wouldn't want a Dyson cleaner! Really wonderful time of the year to shop.

  8. Thanks for sharing the ideas and setting up the Linky.

    I have been following you for awhile and love your ideas. I am new to blogging and would be honored if you would stop by my blog.




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