St. Patrick's Day LepreCommon Core Math and Literacy Activities

28 February 2012
Click on the picture below to check out my brand new Common Core Based Packet.  Don't forget, tomorrow is the big TpT sale (click {here} for the the coupon code)!
This 87 page download contains math and literacy activities aligned to the Common Core. 
Teacher and student directions are included, as well as, math center rotation cards.  Most of the literacy activities are extensions based on read alouds.  Many of the activities can be made into class-made books and are accompanied by class-made book covers.

Math Centers:
Shamrocks and Rainbows Sums of TenLeprechaun Domino Fact Families, Shamrock Find the Missing Part, St. Patrick's Day Place ValuePots O'Gold Comparing Numbers, and Leprechaun Art and Math Center.

Literacy Activities:
Dear Leprechaun, If I Caught a Leprechaun Writing Prompt, If I Had a Pot of Gold Writing Prompt and Craft, Something More Precious to Me than Gold Writing Prompt, If I Were a Leprechaun Writing Prompt, Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Homework Assignment, and Leprechaun Wanted Poster

I have also included a parent letter and a handprint craft in the packet.  I hope this packets helps you and your students celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Leprechaun Art and Math - Two levels of difficulty are included in this packet.

Shamrock Find the Missing Part

Pots O'Gold Comparing Numbers

Manipulative and buckets I used for the math centers.  

St. Patrick's Day Recommended Read Aloud Books:

Click {here} for more St. Patrick's Day themed posts.

HUGE LEAP DAY SALE ON TPT! Add your link in the comments if you are having a sale, too!

26 February 2012
I am super excited about participating in the HUGE LEAP DAY SALE on TpT!  I have joined up with some blogging buddies to offer 20% off in our stores for one day only!  Plus, TpT is offering an additional 10% off!  That is a total savings of 28%.  Nows a great time to clear out your wishlist!  The next BIG sale won't come until Teacher Appreciation Day in May.   I hop you join me in taking advantage of this sale.  This sale only happens once every four years!
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Here are some products that will be useful in the upcoming months!  Click on the pictures to go directly to the TpT link!


Happy Shopping!


18 February 2012
Marshall's just so happens to be on my way home from the gym, next to Dollar Tree, and in the same shopping center as The LOFT.  So I know I am bad, but just about every Saturday, after my 9 am gym class, I stop there.  Today I found some great goodies for the classroom and for myself.  I knew that you, my blogging buddies, would appreciate the finds, so I had to share!!

First up is this lovely polka dot outdoor tub for $7.99.  I plan on using this for buddy reading materials, as my lime green box is fading in the sun.

Next up, are these awesome dominoes from the children's department.  They were on clearance, too.  I do so much fact family work with dominoes and my old ones were looking gross.  I love that they have different colored dots for each number!  The deluxe bingo set is for a sweet colleague of mine who loves to borrow mine.  I think it is great for number recognition and a favorite game of my students.

My favorite thing about Marshall's is the shoe department!  I picked up these blue wedge sandals, because I love to wear wedges in the spring/summer.  They are so comfortable and yet they still give me some height.  The problem with the blue shoes was that I had nothing to match them.  They are a cobalt blue. Sorry, the pictures are not so hot, I need to replace my broken camera ASAP.  I promise to put it on my "To Do" list for this week off.  
The problem was easily solved!  Marshall's had these three cute dresses in the same color and this Steve Madden tote.  I am not sure if all the dresses fit or if I will keep them all.  At least, that is how I justified to myself buying three dresses at once.

Stay tuned as I plan on making another St. Patrick's Day unit and use these finds from Dollar Tree and Party City.

Happy 100th Day of School!

14 February 2012
Our 100th Day of School was on Monday and we had an amazing day.  This year, besides doing many of the activities in my 100th Day Unit, we all dressed up as 100 year olds.  It was so freakin' cute!!!  I got the idea from the incredible Deanna Jump.  I even got into the spirit and channeled my inner Long Island old lady and wore as much leopard print as possible.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  Thank you for making my 100th Day Unit a top seller on TpT.

Me at 100

My class and I dressed up as 100 year olds

One of my students sharing his 100th Day Collection.  

How stinkin' cute is the mini-walker?!

Click the picture below to hop to Deanna Jump's blog and download her FREE 100th Day Letter.

Here is a photo of a craft we did Deanna Jump's adorable torn paper 100 year project..  

I made the simple writing prompt paper to go with it.  Click {here} to download for free!

Here are some class-made books from my unit.

Click on the cover picture below to check out my 100th Day Unit.

Common Core Valentine's Day Math Centers

12 February 2012

I just upload my Common Core Valentine's Day Math Centers to Tpt.  Better late than never, right?
This packet contains five Common Core based math centers, teacher directions, student directions, and center cards.
Math Centers Included:
Red and Pink Heart Sums of Ten
Pink and Red Hearts Make Ten to Add
Valentine Tweets Domino Fact Families
Valentine Owls Find the Missing Part
Valentine's Day Place Value
Our Favorite Color Candy Hearts Graphing, Tallying, and Analyzing Data
I hope you and your students enjoy these activities!

Click on the picture to purchase!

Computer Center

07 February 2012

Computer center is a staple in my weekly literacy center rotation.  It is also a favorite of my students.  I utilize the following wonderful and FREE sites: and  I have the students go to theses sites each week during center time and while we are at the computer lab.  To make sure my students are participating in a worthwhile learning experience, I created direction sheets.  By using the direction sheets, I am able to ensure that my students are focusing on a specific phonic element and are reviewing their weekly spelling words.  So even though, they are visiting the same web sites each week, they are playing different games and/or focusing on a different spelling or phonetic skill.  *I use wikki sticks or highlight tape on my laminated direction sheets to tell the students where to go on 

Click on the pictures below to download your own set of directions!  I have the premium membership and it is amazing!  I love to have my students use their personal passwords and go onto as a an alternative to doing written spelling homework.  They love it, too!

Thanks for stopping by!

120 Chart

06 February 2012
The new Common Core Math Standards for first grade require the students to work with a 1 to 120 chart and I did not have one!  I made up these 120 charts for your students to use as a guide and the Fill in the Missing Number worksheets for extra practice work.  Click on the pictures below to download them for free from TeachersPay Teachers!

You can check out my massive 0-120 Chart packet below:

Also, check out Fabulous in First's Michelle Oakes' free A Chunk of the Chart center from TpT.  It is so cute and who doesn't love free?!  

Here are a few more freebies! 

Denise of LaSota's Little Learners posted Writing to 120 on TpT for free.

Classroom Photos and Updated Word Wall Words

02 February 2012
I thought I would share photos of my polka dot themed classroom and my old cow print classroom through Shutterfly.  I noticed a lot of my Shutterfly photos on Pinterest and thought I would share them through this blog, too.  Click on {here} or the picture below to hop over to Shutterfly. This summer, I plan on making all of the items below in plain black and white polka dots, too.  If there is an interest, I will also make them in cow print or primary colored polka dots.

I have compiled everyone's requests and added another 100 plus words to my original 204 Polka Dot Word Wall Words packet.  If you have already purchased this product from TpT, you can re-download the file.  If not check it out by clicking {here}.  I get such sweet feedback about this packet - thank you btw!  I do have to say the word cards really do brighten up a word wall!

I have noticed a sudden jump in my polka dot classroom decor sales, thanks to our Down Under friends who are starting a new school year.  For more polka dot decor and classroom inspiration, click on the pictures below.

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