My Ever Evolving Birthday Board

30 August 2012

One of the top items I see of mine pinned is my birthday boards.  I first had a cow print themed one.  Then, last year I made a polka dot one using the labels from my Polka Dot Labels and Signs packet.  I had so many requests to just sell the labels for the birthday board that I decided to revamp mine and make a little packet to sell.  You can click on the images below to check out the packet on TpT.  

*Warning, I went a little overboard with the polka dots in my classroom.  Don't stare too long at the bulletin board I made - you might get dizzy.  I would suggest taking it down a notch by using just a solid bulletin board background if you are going to use a polka dot border or vice versa.  

Feel free to pin.  I just ask that if you post something like this on your own blog, that you don't say it is "Pinterest Inspired."  Please, link back to me or this post.  I really would love to see how your boards come out.  Also, if there is a demand for boards of different color schemes, let me know and I will add them to my "To Create for TpT List."

Update!  I have a ton of birthday boards in my store now!  CLICK HERE to check out more birthday board themes!!

My old boards:
The Cow Print Board

Last year's polka dot board

 I celebrate birthdays with this pack:

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Skippyjon Jones

28 August 2012
I was very excited to fine Skippyjon Jones at Kohl's!  You all know that I love creating classroom mascot packets and I already had a Skippyjon Jones one.  I have updated with photographs of my Kohl's finds.  Click here to check it out on TpT.
Click here to check out the Skippyjon Jones Products on Kohl's website. I also wanted to share an exclusive 10% off code for You can use the code UBLOGTEN now through October 24th and stack your savings with one other department specific code as well. 

Click the pictures to check out the packet on TpT. 

Teacher Week - Freebie Friday

24 August 2012

Today is Freebie Friday of Teacher Week and I decided to link up my favorite math freebies.

Here is my complete 65 page Math Ring, Flashcards, and Mini Posters Packet.  I am selling it on TeachersPayTeachers for $5, but I am giving it to your for free to say thank you for being a follower.  I just ask that if you download, please make sure you follow my blog and my TeacherPayTeacher store (click {here}).
Click on the picture to download from Google Docs.
I have my students bring these rings back and forth to school, just as I do their word rings.  I just don't assess the students as often on their math facts, as I do their word rings.  *For more information on my word rings, check out my Guided Reading Packet by clicking {here}.

The  Common Core Math Standards for first grade require the students to work with a 1 to 120 chart.  I made up these 120 charts for your students to use as a guide and the Fill in the Missing Number worksheets for extra practice work.  Click on the pictures below to download them for free.

If you like this packet, you will LOVE my 0-120 Packet on TpT. 

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Teacher Week - Therapeutic Thursday

I know this post is a bit late!  I did not want to stress myself out by getting it done on Thursday.  Choose sanity right?  

I am a bit nervous to put this out there, but I am a firm believer in actual therapy.  I don't know if it is just more acceptable in NY.  I know there is this stigma attached to therapy: that you have to be CRAZY or have gone through some trama to go.  But that is so not true!  Therapy is way different than going to a "shrink," most therapists are Social Workers or Psychologists and they cannot prescribe medication.  Therapists can help you realize that you are being ridiculous about something and/or help you find ways to cope.  As teachers, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and then we are so hard on ourselves when we are not.  It is nice to have someone there to give you a reality check and ask "What would happen if you did not get your lesson plans for next week done by Thursday of the week before?"  Um..yeah nothing would happen and no one would know except for me.   We all have stress in our lives and we all need to learn ways to deal with it so that it does not effect our health or social relationships.  Therapists are also sworn to secrecy - so you can tell them anything and it is not going to come back to bite you in the butt :)   Check with your insurance to see if it covers therapy or if you need a referral first.   I am hoping by sharing this, I help at least one person. 

I also have a supportive group of friends in this blogging world.  We email each other, talk on the phone, text, and even try to meet up.  It is wonderful having friends that know exactly what I do and why.  We are so supportive of each other's success!  My bloggy friends understand the pressure to keep the blog posts and products coming, while still trying to be perfect at your day job!   Not feeling alone is the best way to cope!

On to less traditional therapy!  I do a lot of retail therapy.  New things make me happy.  Hence, my 100 plus pairs of shoes!  Also, organizing things relaxes me and makes my life feel less chaotic.  I like control and order :)

Pets - Did you know pets are supposed to reduce stress and blood pressure?  I don't think it works though - the more you have the less stress...that would be the opposite...haha!  I have two cats and two dogs.  My dogs are my children and the cats are my pets! 

Boating and the beach!  There is nothing more relaxing than being out on the water.

My boat!

I took my friend Diana out with her dog Chewie and we had a puppy party on the boat!

So here it is.  If you want to link up with Blog Hoppin', click below. 

Teacher Week: Where I Teach Wednesday

22 August 2012
I am so stressed out because my classroom is not set up yet!  I am having those nightmares that it does not get done before school starts.  I just have been so busy and it was so hard to leave the puppies that I am fostering alone.  Anyway, I am going in today!  I don't start until September 4th and kids don't come until the 5th, so I still have time - I just hate cramming it in.  I also moved classrooms this year, to one without a bathroom.  I have more space to work with - Yeah!  No bathroom - Boo!

Here are the photos of my last year's classroom.   Click the picture below to go to Shutterfly to look.
Don't bother getting those cubes...they looked nice for like 3 months!

I did buy new bins and I am still working on printing and laminating new labels.  I plan on donating the old ones to the first teacher at my school that grabs them :)  
Follow my blog for more updates.   I promise to get my butt in gear and set up this classroom.  I do have a question out there for my matchy-matchy friends: Where do I get a black or bright colored pocket chart?  Primary colors do not match my classroom! 

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Teacher Week - Technology Tip Tuesday

21 August 2012

Tip One - Write your lesson plans in Word or Excel 
My number one technology tip is to do your plan book on the computer.  It is so much easier to modify from week to week.  Why hand write over each week "lunch" or your "objectives" for a spelling test?  I created my plan book by modifying a template from Ms. M's A Teacher's Plan.  After, posting an image of it on my blog, she got so many requests to share my template, that she created the "Erica Template."  Click below to check it out on her blog.  I get so many compliments on it and substitutes love it!

Tip Two - Google 

Don't know how to do something?  Google it!  There are tons of YouTube video tutorials out there.  By the way, I am not a computer expert and Googling will give you way better results than emailing me.  Sorry, I just had to put it out there.  I would love to help everyone out, but honestly I cannot keep up with the emails and they really stress me out.  I love my fans and I appreciate all 2,000 plus of you who follow and those who follow by email, but there is only ONE of me.   You will get instant results if you Google - I promise :)  I learned everything I know now about Blogging and TpT from Googling and by using the links provided below.  Don't believe me?  Check out one of my first TpT products by clicking {here}.  I leave embarrassing things like that in my store, so that when I get around to updating them, you can re-download for free.   Perhaps I should just make it inactive, but I will leave it for now so you can see my growth.

Here are some links you need to book mark or pin:

If you want blogging tips there are two wonderful FREE blogs out there:
by my seriously talented, friend Lindsey of The Teacher Wife

Kristen is AWESOME!  Check out her Tutorials tab.

I also have a Pinterest Board dedicated to Technology Tips:

If you are having TpT product download problems, click this link:
Sellers, feel free to share this link.  The number one question in my TpT Q&A is "Why is there a black bar in your product?"  
1.  My products don't really have black bars across them.  That would be ridiculous!  
2. The bars go away if you open the file using the updated Adobe Reader. 

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!  Remember...Google is your friend!  

To see other technology tips and link up with your own, hop over to Blog Hoppin'!

Teacher Week - Must Haves Monday

20 August 2012
I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week.  Today's topic: Must-Haves!

Here are my must haves!

1. Hand Sanitizer - Yes, I am a germ-phobic!

2. Shoebox sized storage containers-  I love these cool colored lids and how they stack.  I purchased them from Target.  The labels will be in my polka dot decor packets soon.  I am so behind on updates. 

3. My laminator - I love laminating so much that I have one at home and one at school!!!  My GCB model has been discontinued, but I think this is the updated version.  Click on the pictures to check it out.  I always order the 3 mil. refill laminating sheets from Amazon.  I love laminating.  Sad, but it relaxes me!

4. Avery address sized labels and sticker paper -  I print everything on the Avery 8460 sized labels.  For bigger things, I use sticky backed paper.  Click on the pictures to check them out on Amazon.

These are in my Classroom Library Packet

What are your must haves?  Click below to link up with Blog Hoppin'!

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