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28 September 2012

A month ago, I posted about my love for my new Silhouette Cameo and linked to a giveaway on Blog Hoppin'.  Well, the Cameo people contacted me and asked if I would be willing to host a giveaway on my blog!  Of course, I said yes!!!  No brainer.  I would love for one of my awesome followers to win one of these incredible machines.  

Here are a few great things I have made with my Cameo:

There are so many more possibilities!   Just check out the Silhouette America Pinterest page by clicking {here}!  Or click {here} to see my collaborative Cameo Pinterest board.  

Enter below using Rafflecopter.  The contest will run from Friday, September 28th to Thursday, October 4th.  You will need to follow the steps below.  You will gain one entry for each step completed.  Best of luck to you!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Reading Logs & FREE Reading Log Starter Kit

25 September 2012
I cannot believe I have never posted about reading logs before!  I wrote a whole darn book on them!  I know, I said my next post would be about "Book Baggies," but I really want to finish aligning my Reading Comprehension Cueing Cards to the Common Core Standards before promoting them again.  That snowballed into me updating the graphics!  Then, I updated to Mountain Lion OS X for my iMac and what a huge mistake!!!   My Preview application changed so that I could no longer add hyperlinks to PDF files!   I really almost threw my Mac out the window!  I am still really angry with Apple and I have no clue how to go back to my old OS.  I had to purchase a new PDF-Editor program on top of already purchasing the Mountain Lion OS X!  So Apple, if you are reading this I left you a comment and I am not a happy camper!  I think 5 Ipads for my classroom would make me feel a lot better :)  Click here to read the thread about the issue.  So readers, just hold tight  on the Book Baggie Post and I apologize. 

On to reading logs!  Click above for my FREE Reading Log Starter Kit and read below for some tips! 

I send home a reading log every Friday and it is returned to school the following Thursday.  I do this so that I have a day cushion for students who "forget" to bring it in.

The number labels on the tabs help me keep track of returned reading logs.  I assign each student a number according to their alphabetical order on the class list. For more information on the numbering system and the number labels, check out my Back to School Organizational Forms and More Packet on TpT. 
Each week, I place the reading log inside the folder.  Most of my reading logs are from my book.  You can check out the book by clicking the picture below. 

I try and vary my reading logs as much as I can and I also utilize these resources below.  Click on the images to check them out. 
This freebie is by Rachelle Smith of What the Teacher Wants

These sheets are by Michelle Oakes of Fabulous in First Grade

These two packets are by Lindsey of The Teacher Wife.

 These higher order thinking skills packets have been bundled together by Anna of Crazy for First and can be found here.

This is an adorable packet by Kim Adsit of KinderGals

This packet is a great for challenging your gifted firsties or for use at the end of the year.  Amanda, of One Extra Degree, teaches third grade.  These activities could be modeled whole class or utilized in a guided reading group. 

I hope this post helped you out!  Be sure to follow by email or FB for instant alerts on when I post again.  I promise there is a valuable contest coming up and to get to that Book Baggie post!  Thanks for reading. 

Photos of My First Grade Classroom

20 September 2012
This year, I had to move classrooms.  My old classroom had a bathroom in it and it was needed as a Kindergarten room.  So after nine years, I moved to the bathroom-free room next door.   On the plus side there is more space.  On the down side...O.M.G., kids ask to go to the bathroom a million times a day!

I updated a few things from last year's polka dot theme.  Here are some photos of my classroom.  As always, feel free to pin!

These hanging signs were made by hot gluing my table signs to School Girl Style's  19 inch black daisies and 14 inch black daisies!  Melanie is a genius for thinking up the combo.  I am just in awe of her decorative talents!

I got these lanterns from before I saw these on School Girl Style...Oh, well. 

Click here to purchase this display. 

I was inspired by Schoolgirl Style to use wrapping paper as bulletin board backing.  I purchased the wrapping paper at Marshall's.  The large black storage bins are from Walmart.

The labels for this board can be found in my Back to School Organizational Forms and More packet. 

I have created a packet to work with this "Read All About Me!" poster.  Click here to check out my Star of the Week packet.  
I made these clothespins for the "Star of the Week" board. 

For more information on classroom pets go to Critters in the Classroom

 These mailbox labels are in my Back to School Organizational Forms and More packet.  The mailboxes are two shoe organizers.  I had purchased them ten years ago and they were white.  They were looking so shabby.  So this year, I spray painted then black.  I had to use almost five cans of spray paint!  

 For my book bin labels, check out my Bright Polka Dot Classroom Library Labels.

 This is my half-done literacy center board.  We have been easing into centers by just rotating by table.  Next week, we start with the smaller groups and I start pulling for guided reading.

 I made these with my Cameo Silhouette!

My sweet friend Anna of Crazy for First inspired me to make these.  Click here to see her post on these storage draws from Big Lots. 

 The polka dot box is from Michael's. 

 The graphics for the pencils are by Ashley Hughes.  Click here to check them out.

 This adorable sign is from Rachel Lamb.  Click here to check it out.

 These labels are in my Polka Dot Classroom Labels and Signs Packet.  The shoebox bins are from Target.

 My Bright Polka Dot Number packet can be found here and my Bright Polka Dot Alphabet Posters packet can be found here.

 Look Who's Been Spotted in First Grade Door Decor. Click here to check the packet.

 To get these for your own classroom, check out my Classroom Job packet.

 The wire organizers are picnic organizers from CVS.  The plastic bins are from Big Lots.

Click here to check out these Polka Dot Word Wall Words.

 The Word Wall Labels can be found here and the color labels are by Ashley Hughes.  You can find them here.  In the top left corner of this picture, you can see Rachelle Smith's adorable and FREE punctuation posters.  

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my classroom.  In my next post, I will explain how book baggies work in my classroom and you can have a chance to win a set of these from ReallyGoodStuff!

9/11 Activities

05 September 2012
Last year (click here to see the post), I posted some freebies for 9/11 and I thought I would link back to them here.  I hope you can use these with your students.  Click the pictures below to download them for free from TpT.


Fellow bloggers, please feel free to share your 9/11 activities by linking below.  Feel free to grab the graphic above.  The graphic was made with graphics by MelonHeadz and The Digital Bakeshop. Followers, check out the links for more awesome ideas!

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