Visual Plans: Classroom News, R-controlled a, Pirates, Penguin, & MLK

21 January 2013
This week's plans are a bit all over the place - ar words, Martin Luther King Jr., penguins, and pirates!

Click any of the pictures to download the visual plans with clickable links from Google docs.

*These visual plans were inspired by my sweet friend DeeDee.
**My lesson plan template can be purchased through Ms. M's blog.  They are aptly called, "Erica."

I wanted to do something to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week.  Thank you Sarah Cooley for your adorable unit.  You saved the day!  I wish I had time to do the full birthday party, it looks like so much fun. 

Our phonic element for the week is -ar.  I like to do a mini-pirate theme along with the phonic element. In my plans, I have included units by Abby, Jodi, Anna, and me. 



I have included this listening center log as a freebie in my visual plans.  It is the last page of the plan packet. 

A few of my math centers this week: 


For more on pirates, check out my post from last year by clicking the image below.

Every week, I send home a "Classroom News" page.  It is a lot of work when you first start, but as the years go by, I have gotten pretty fast at it and I just copy and paste the "Peek at the Week" from the previous years.  

If you are not ready to do a weekly news letter, my long-lost shopping sister/friend Michelle Oakes sells a monthly editable one.   I really feel it is important to keep parents in the loop.  Click below to check it out. 

Thanks for all who entered the "Share the Love" contest!

For info on my penguin packet, check out this post.  

Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for the shout sweet friend.
    Love Ya,
    Fabulous in First

  2. Thanks girl!!! I really need to jump on this visual plan thing!!

  3. LOVE your visual plans!!! I agree with you about the weekly newsletters...kind of a pain but SO worth it. I used to wonder if anyone actually read them, but this year, parents actually ask for them if their child lost or forgot their newsletter. Yay...a breakthrough!!!

    Kindergarten Kel

  4. I plan on keeping my Buccaneer theme for a bit and have your packet but thank you for the other recommendations, they are now on my wishlist.

  5. I absolutely love your planner! It's so organized and colorful!

  6. Your visual plans look sensational! I love how they are in your Erica format :)

  7. Hi Erica! I love your weekly newsletter format. Do you sell that template anywhere? I would love to use that for my classroom. Thanks so much.


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