0-120 Charts and Activities

18 February 2013
I revamped my 0-120 Charts and Activities Packet.  It went from 40 pages to 101!

This Common Core aligned packet is for 10 activities based on a 0-120 chart. I have included seven versions of the chart and two blank charts. I have also included a number reading assessment, parent letters, and number flashcards. 

The activities are as follows: 
Fill in the 0-120 Chart
Fill in the Missing Number in a Piece of the 120 Chart
Find and Color the Number
Sequence the Numbers
Comparing Numbers
Adding Tens - An Introduction to Two Digit Addition
Ten Less & Ten More
One Less, One More, Ten Less, & Ten More
Odd & Even Jars
Adding with a 0-120 Chart
This packet includes teacher directions, Essential Questions, Common Core Standards, student directions, recording sheets, and center rotation cards.
Click here to check it out!  I have it listed at reduced rate right now.  Snap it up while you can :)

Enjoy your week. 

PS - No visual plans for this week.  I am getting observed using my Letter Writing Unit.  Of course I had to update that packet, too!  I am revamping as I teach it to my kiddos.  I promise to keep you in the loop with updates on my Letter Writing Unit and the new format I have to follow for observations.  It is called Danielson and I really hope I filled everything out the right way!  Wish me luck on Wednesday :)


  1. Good luck and thanks for updating your 120 packet.

  2. My district is also using the Charlotte Danielson rubric for our observations. I wonder if most of NYS is? Good luck- I'm sure you will knock it out of the park!!

    The Eager Teacher
    The Eager Weekend

  3. Your pack looks fabulous... but I'm missing your visual plans. I just love them!

    Granny Goes to School

  4. We're using Danielson's rubric also (central NY). Good luck!


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