Five for Friday, February 8th

08 February 2013
I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!  These are five random things about me/my week. 

I finally broke down and bought a Kindle!  I am a Mac girl but I wanted something light to just read on.  My ipad is too heavy and there is a glare.  The Kindle Paper White is perfect!  It is light, it has a touch screen, and has no glare!  I like mysteries.  I just finished The Snowman by Jo Nesbo.  It was good mystery.  The book before that was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I loved that many twists. 
Tonight, I think I will start Abducted by T.R. Ragan.  It was only $2.99 on Amazon as a Kindle edition.

My pets are SPOILED!  I have an old house and I really do not like the back door.  My door is like slanted or sloping.  I think it settled with the house and it is orginal to it (1922).  It would be a ton of work to replace the door.  Since, I have no love for the door, I had no quams about cutting a hole through it!  My dad actually came up with the idea and made the little window because he knows how much Sophie loves to watch squirrels.

 This was my art center for the week!  I thought it fit in nicely with P.S. I Love You Day and Valentine's Day.  Click here to check out the packet by Amy Lemons.

How does Abby, Cara, Cheryl, and Leanne all look so cute in their little fashion photos?  I think they are just all natural beauties or are really photogenic!  Me not so much!  I am so not photogenic.  I tried guys, but I just cannot pull it off!  The reason for the picture: I  did  go out to Old Navy and buy purple just to wear for P.S. I Love You Day.  The purple shirt was on sale and the full-price off-white cardy, I need because I am always cold.

As I was trying to take the photo above, I started thinking about my blogging friends and our mutual love of make-up.  Amy Lemons taught me about layering different types of mascaras.  I think she does like 25 coats of two different types of mascara!  I just do two coats.  The first one is a lengthening mascara with fibers in it, Loreal or Maybelline are good picks.  The next one is a volumizing with the silicone bristle brush.  My favorite is Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara.   Michelle, Kathleen, and I all are huge fans of Urban Decay's Naked line of eyeshadows.   And Deanna Jump and I have done some serious damage at a make-up counter in Chicago!  I just thought I would share a photo of my eye-shadows, foundations (Bare Minerals), make-up brushes, and eye-liner collections with you!  Yes, I do think it is an excessive amount, but I don't wear it all at once!

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Fingers crossed my power stays on!  We are in the middle of a huge blizzard here in NY.  


  1. I must say I'm quite disappointed with the amount of snow we have so far! Have a happy weekend!

  2. I love your little doggy window!! Sooo cute! How do your doggies go potty when there is a blizzard outside? Hmmm...
    Good luck with the blizzard. I hope it just passes over you easy breezy!
    Kerri B
    Teacher Bits and Bobs

  3. I hope you stay safe (AND WARM) with the blizzard coming...if you want to send SOME of your snow this way, I'd like that. ;)
    The doggy window is too cute, and the pictures of you are just as adorable! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. You're crazy if you don't think you're photogenic! You look darling in those pictures!

    And your collection of make up brushes is to die for! I'm so jealous!

    Second Grade Nest

  5. My dogs would never ring those cute bells! I use to ring them to tell them it was time to come in since they didn't ring them to go out:):) Love your makeup stash! Do you use bare minerals eyeshadows, too? I'm in love with them!

  6. *LOVE* your pics! Your makeup collection puts my one little eyeliner pencil and bareminerals to shame, lol! Living in TX, I'm always in awe when I see so much its something that only happens on TV. =) Hope you're cozy, comfy and warm! Have a great weekend.

    A+ Firsties

  7. I totally understand about how much of a pain in the rear end it would be to change out your door! I also have an old house (built in 1900) with the original doors. I looooove the fact that my interior doors are solid wood, but my exterior doors leave something to be desired! And since they are old, they're a totally different size than new doors, so they stay. :-/

    I tried Urban Decay eyeshadow once at our Sephora, and I fell in love. I just couldn't afford it! But I'm going to save my pennies and get some!

    I hope your power stays on through this storm! Stay warm!

    Blooming in First

    1. I have storm doors on the outside, so that keeps out the weather. Then the wood sagging doors!

      Urban Decay is soo expensive, but it does last a really long time. I wait until I have 20% off at Ulta and then I buy it.

  8. I love seeing your make-up counter!! I can't wait until the day that I can have a lavish make-up selection! I am THE most boring make-up girl...same 8 products for years. :( I've been paying for graduate school (masters and now a doctorate) for SO many years that I've gotten used to doing my make-up on-the-cheap. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  9. I love my Kindle. I have the kindle fire and I use it way more than I ever thought I would. Do your dog's really ring the bells to go out? And that's a LOT of makeup my friend!!!

  10. The Make Up Stash! Love it! And your new Kindle is fantastic, although the pink leather case is pretty darn cute too!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe
    Join my 100 Follower Ultimate Giveaway: Skype Author Visit!

  11. I think I have that exact same door as my back door. Does it have a window at the top? Anyway, I just finished Gone Girl a couple of weeks ago and I am going to start Sharp Objects soon. I used to be a make-up hoarder but for some reason I have been slacking in that department!


  12. Love the doggie window!

    I woke up to the howling wind. When I let my dog out she came back as a white, frozen dogsicle! Stay warm and safe. I'm also hoping the power stays on!!


  13. I hope the snow did not cause any power outages!!! I love the doggie window and I LOVE your make-up collection :)

    Thanks for the new suggestion of book titles!!! I have a nook (not a color one, but the one with e-ink) and I love it! NO GLARE!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  14. What a great idea to have an art center. I am always trying to squeeze in art whenever I can. With an art center, it can be weekly!!

    Darling Little Learners

  15. i knew there was a reason i loved, doggie windows, & make-up!!!!!ahhhhh be still my heart!!!! and shut the front door you are photogenic!!!!

  16. I've been wanting to read Gone Girl. It is on my reading list. I need a good mascara. I will have to buy the Diorshow Iconic Mascara the next time I go to the mall.


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  17. my little sis bought some dior mascara for me for christmas. oh golly! gorgeous! I need to try layering! And no worries about bad pictures of yourself. I cannot pull off the outift pics either!

  18. Girl you are precious. We do love us some make up! XOXO Michelle

  19. I needed a good book to download. I'll have to download Gone Girl tonight :)

  20. The make up stash is wonderful. Keep warm and safe.

    The First Grade Princess


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