St. Patricks Day Common Core Activities and a Freebie

20 February 2013
Are you impressed?  I am not waiting until the last minute to post about a holiday unit.  To be perfectly honest, the packet is from last year and I just updated it a bit.  It has just been one of those years where I cannot get ahead on anything!  I know a lot of you are in the same boat.  My "To Do List" never seems to end.  I would love to be bored!  So even if it was just a few updates, I am feeling pretty proud of myself.  

I went and added essential questions to my St. Patrick's Day LepreCommon Core Packet.  Please, re-download if you have already purchased.   *The freebie is towards the end of the post. 

Here is some info on the packet if you want to check it out.  Just click on any of the images below.   My students loved the activities in it last year.   They especially went crazy for the glitter coins in the leprechaun math craftivity. 
This 103 page download contains math and literacy activities aligned to the Common Core. 
Teacher and student directions are included, as well as, math center rotation cards and essential questions for the math centers.  Most of the literacy activities are extensions based on read alouds.  Many of the activities can be made into class-made books and are accompanied by class-made book covers.

Math Centers:
Shamrocks and Rainbows Sums of TenLeprechaun Domino Fact Families, Shamrock Find the Missing Part, St. Patrick's Day Place ValuePots O'Gold Comparing Numbers, and Leprechaun Art and Math Center.

Literacy Activities:
Dear Leprechaun, If I Caught a Leprechaun Writing Prompt, If I Had a Pot of Gold Writing Prompt and Craft, Something More Precious to Me than Gold Writing Prompt, If I Were a Leprechaun Writing Prompt, Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Homework Assignment, and Leprechaun Wanted Poster

2 Literacy Centers:
Search/Read/Write the Room for Long A words (a_e and ai)
Magnify St. Patrick's Day Word Search and Writing

I have also included a parent letter and a handprint craft in the packet.  I hope this packets helps you and your students celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Leprechaun Art and Math - Two levels of difficulty are included in this packet.

Shamrock Find the Missing Part

Pots O'Gold Comparing Numbers

Manipulatives and buckets I used for the math centers.  

Letters to Leprechauns

The students love making this poster!  

If you would like to snag my freebie version of the poster, click the image below.  Please note, it has slightly different graphics than the one included in the packet. 

St. Patrick's Day Recommended Read Aloud Books:

I hope you are all treading water better than I am!  Enjoy the rest of the week. 

P.S.- I think my observation went well today.  Thanks for all the well wishes!  You are all so sweet. 

P.P.S. - 7th person to comment gets the packet for free!    A winner was picked, continue to follow my blog for more quick little contests :). 


  1. haha! Love that clever title!
    For weight can I put MYOB!!

  2. These look super sweet, Erica! ;) Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us! :) It's always fun to see what you and your kiddos have been up to! :)


  3. Well, I hate I'm not #7, but I love it!!! So cute (as always!) :)

  4. This looks amazing! My students would love it!

  5. The Mug Shot is very funny! I know my kids would love this!

  6. Commenting so someone wins :) Cute stuff, I love the Wanted Poster!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

    1. Miss T, you win! Please, send me your email.

    2. Graciousness pays off when you least expect it Miss T. Im so happy to see that you were Erica's winner!

  7. I love your work!

  8. Wonderful as always! Glad your observation went well.

  9. So cute! butler . erica @ gmail . com

  10. I looked and you had 3 comments and refreshed the page and now I'm your tenth :( WOW! but it looks great!

    Lovely Literacy & More

    1. That's what happened to me, too. :/

  11. Gah! I was so close! I still want it... i will have to go put it in my wish pile :)

  12. Always love your stuff:)

  13. Always love your stuff:)

  14. I would love to win this awesome unit!

  15. ME? ME? PLEASE!!!??? wendy

  16. I'm a huge fan of all of your things!

  17. This looks A.m.A.z.I.n.G! I am soooo going to add it to my TPT cart!!! :)

  18. Okay, I am loving the stuff you found at Party City. I looked on their website earlier today, but didn't see the erasers. I also love your Wanted poster and how you listed all the books :) I will definitely be directing people to your blog when I do my St. Patrick's Day blog post :) So many great ideas!

  19. I got those items last year. I will do some checking and see where you can find similiar ones. Thanks so much!

  20. Glad your observation went well! I am finding myself treading water as well!
    Finally in First

  21. The "Wanted" poster is great! Thanks for sharing.
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