Freebie, March 4th Visual Plans, and More!

02 March 2013

I made this freebie to celebrate Dr. You Know Who's birthday using Cara's new fonts, Krista's adorable graphics, and The Digital Bakeshop's papers and frames.  Click above to download.  I just ask that in return, you follow my blog and TpT store.  

This week's visual plans were a bit tricky, since I will be using things from last year to celebrate Dr. You Know Who's birthday.  These things are not allowed to be sold or shared as per Dr. You Know Who trademark.  So, I found some adorable circus themed items and I had to leave some of the center links blank on the visual plans.   I really wish I could share from the items I made last year, but I am huge chicken about these sort of things.   I am not even going all out like I did last year.  I think the usage terms, just left me with a bad taste in my mouth for Dr. You Know Who.  Plus, we are behind on my Letter Writing Unit!

Just click the images below to download my plans from Google Docs.

*This plan book format is called "Erica."  Click here to check it out in Ms. M's A Teacher's Plan Store.
**My visual plans are inspired by DeeDee Wills' visual plans.


I am linking these plans up with DeeDee's.  Click below to hop over and check out hers! 

Some noteworthy packets I am using this week:

Here are some photos from the math centers we started last week.  We only had one rotation last week, so we have three rotations to get through this week.  All of these centers are from my 0-120 packet.  Click the pictures below to check it out. 

I noticed a few of my students struggled with reading numbers above 20.  I decided to make this assessment to see which number they needed practice recognizing.

Looking ahead....


  1. Love that freebie! Thanks so much!!!
    And, the visual plans are so impressive, Erica!
    I have that bad taste in my mouth from that Physician, too!
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties has a Fraction Leprechaun Freebie

    1. Thanks for always being so sweet about commenting! I am going to email you and the second person to comment, my 0-120 packet if you don't already have it.

  2. SO fun! Love to celebrate reading! Dr. You Know Who is becoming very popular. (I wonder WHO it might be??) All those units look amazing, I can't possibily buy them all. I would be living in a box with a fox! :)

    Happy Weekend!
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

    1. Do you have my 0-120 packet? If not, I am emailing it to you for your sweet feedback on my freebie!

  3. That freebie is just perfect. I am going to be able to use it next week! Thanks so much. I really like your products.

  4. Erica, your blog is always such a cheery place to visit. I love your color-coded lesson plan template! And thanks for the smile regarding He Who Shan't Be Named. :)

  5. Oh my!!! It looks so cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! All that "stuff" makes me not want to even celebrate. :( and it's such a good thing to celebrate!!

  6. I love your visual plans! I have been refering to them to help me out! This year is my first year teaching and your blog has help me figure out how to be incorporate new and fun ideas into the classroom! I notice you do a lot of literacy centers. I have five a week and I was wandering... How do you run those and/or fit all of them in? Do kids visit certain ones on certain days?
    **All of my first grade colleagues also love you too!!**

    Fluttering In First

  7. I am loving the 120 pack!! And your week looks great!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  8. Wow, I MUST have your 120 pack! I was surprised to see so many of my kiddos having trouble at 109!


  9. Do you grade all of your center work?

  10. HI! I am your newest follower! LOVE YOUR BLOG! SO CUTE!!

    -Holly Phinney

  11. Your visual plans continue to inspire me! Thanks for sharing your freebie with us!
    Have a Seusstastic Week!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  12. You're amazing!!! Just when I start to think... what next??? I head to your blog and am AMAZED again! Love all of your 120 chart ideas and comparing numbers! I am on my way to your TPT now! Thank you for so many great ideas and for keeping learning "fresh" and FUN!


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