Robots and a Peek at My Week, March 18th

17 March 2013
This week, our reading story is My Robot by Eve Bunting.  I revamped my old centers for the week and created some new ones.  I compiled them along with some other great activities into this 70 page Robot packet!   I have included two small freebies from the packet in with my visual plans.  To check out the packet on TpT, click the picture above.  *Please, note that if you have bought my old Robot packet (go to your purchases page) and you buy this new one, you can get a $2 item from my store as compensation.  You will just need to leave feedback for both packets, so that I can verify your purchases.
 We go all out and have the students create non-moving robots at home.  They will bring the robots in this week and share with the parents.   Above is a photo of last year's projects.

The phonic element for this week is "Soft C."  Most of the activities in the packet focus on that phonic element.   If "soft c" is not the phonic element you are focusing on, don't worry!  The packet contains editable text boxes for you to add your own words.  I am really excited about using my Adobe Pro and I hope you like that you can customize the file to meet your needs.

Here are my visual plans for the week:
*This plan book format is called "Erica."  Click here to check it out in Ms. M's A Teacher's Plan Store.
**My visual plans are inspired by DeeDee Wills' visual plans.  I am  linking up with her again this week. 

Here are the freebies from my Robot Packet.  They go with the story My Robot by Eve Bunting. 


The center above is called story unscramble.  I posted about it a LONG LONG time ago, here.
For more info on literacy centers, click here

New for this week:
My Robots! Packet

(Click here to check out her recent post on it and the book is in March's SeeSaw!)

Other news:
Wow!  Thanks for all the love.

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  1. WOW Robots! This is what my class of special ed boys would love! They are always drawing robots and walking like robots to the carpet. WE do robot-activation during our morning meetings, to get ready for the day! So fun.
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  2. I still have fond memories of making robots in my 1st grade class! I can't wait to see how they turn out! They are always so creative!


  3. Hey that Robot almost had my name. Looks fun!

  4. Erica - You outdid yourself again! This pack is SO fun and gives many opportunities for kiddos to learn and retain hard/soft c sounds! Thanks for being so fabulous!

    Growing Firsties

  5. ERICA!
    I am LOVING your updated ROBOT unit! Thanks so much for the fab freebies! I will use your cloze activity for a vocab. quiz this week!
    Congrats on your big following on FB! You deserve it!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  6. The robots came out great! I know my kids would LOVE making those!!

    Science for Kids Blog

  7. This robot unit looks awesome! I am seriously thinking about purchasing this. My kids could use a good review on hard and soft c. Its a tough concept to teach... I must say I wasn't sure how to teach it. It was at the beginning of the year when I was just beginning to figure everything out!


  8. That robot unit looks so fun Erica! I am doing force and motion/ simple machines right now so your robot unit is calling my name. :) You never disappoint! I love your visual plans and hope to someday join you fabulous teachers and make some visual plans of my own. I am in awe of them!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  9. This unit looks amazing! We do robots too! Thanks for all of the fabulous ideas! Can't wait to use them next year (we already finished our robot unit this year)!!! You're incredible!


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