Visual Plans, a Freebie, and a Winner

31 March 2013

 Sorry, that these are so late.  It was a busy weekend.  Anyway, here are my visual plans for the week. Click the pictures to download.  I have attached the freebie to the plans.


*This plan book format is called "Erica."  Click here to check it out in Ms. M's A Teacher's Plan Store.
**My visual plans are inspired by DeeDee Wills' visual plans.  I am linking up with her again this week. 


New for this week: 
I created a Singular and Plural Words ending in -y and -ies Search/Read/Write the Room.  The pictures match the words and a sorting/recording sheet is included.

I am using two packets by my friend, Cara Carroll:
I cannot wait!  She is super talented.

Rachelle Smith's Desk Fairy Packet!  Sorry, I forgot to add the picture to my visual plans.

Here is my freebie, it goes with DK Games: Silly Sentences.  This center is a favorite of my students and I have had the puzzle Silly Sentences for years, so worth the $8.99!

Now for the 4,000 FB Facebook Fan Mega Winner:

Congratulations to Kelly Keifer Cappell!

My Spring Break is  Happy Spring break to those of you off this week.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have like three of those silly sentence games! I got them at TJ Maxx. I also have one in the closet for "extra" pieces. My boys love playing it all the time. I had to make it a reward for some! We have off until Wednesday, enjoy your week. wow, your giveaway had 19,000 enteries!

    Happy to follow you

  2. I've never seen that game! Must get!

  3. You make me want to teach a younger grade! I do miss little kids, but 6th grade is fun too! Haha :) I'm still going to use the silly sentences game but tweek it a bit for older kids. Thanks for the ideas!

    Crofts' Classroom

  4. I have this game! And I really love your freebie recording sheets, but I'm unable to download them. I know you may not have time (my spring break is ending too!), but just in case, my email is: and I'd love it if you could email them to me! Thank you!

    1. I attached the to my visual plans for the week. Click on them.

  5. MY students love those mystery pictures! Thanks for posting your plans. Those must take so much time! Have a great week! :)

    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  6. I love the look of your visual plans! Have a wonderful week full of learning and fun!
    Conversations in Literacy

  7. Your silly sentences page is sooo cute!!!!!!

  8. I have the Silly Sentence game and my students love it! The recording sheet will be a great addition, but when I click on it I just get the screen sheet. Is this available in Google Docs or your store for a download? Thanks for all of your great ideas!

    1. It is available with the plan links. I will add the link to the pictures, too.

  9. Ha! I have those things...they were "gifted" to me from a retiring teacher. thanks for making that page - it's too cute!!
    The Teacher’s Cauldron

  10. Do you have your plans in a editable template?


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