Memorial Benefit and BUSY!

14 April 2013
Hi everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to post my visual plans until later in the week.  I had a busy weekend and have not had much time to sit.

I attended a benefit in memory of my friend Artie yesterday.   I was an all day and into night event.  Lots of our friends sent us with money to buy raffle tickets.  I think we might have missed a few prizes, because we could not read the numbers fast enough to check!  It was a fun night and a sad night at the same time.  Oh, those bag pipe players get me every time!  I was bawling!

My chevron shirt from Francesca's!  It was on sale, too!

My friend Diana on the left, her husband was Artie's best friend, and my friend F-Bomb, AKA Karen on the right.  

Is anyone else out there working on their "Evidence Binder?"   I really need to get mine done, too!   Of course it does not help that I feel the need to make it look pretty!

Check back later in the week and hopefully I will have my plans up!   Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Erica you look simply beautiful! Love the shirt chica!! I know your dear friend is looking down smiling. Hugs to you!!

    One Fab Teacher

  2. Luckily our "artifacts binder" as part of our observations/evaluations have fallen to the wayside a bit and we didn't have to do anything formal this year. We don't know who thinks we have time to gather and create these collections...can't they just see from our classrooms what we're doing! Good luck with getting yours together!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. What is an evidence binder?? Is this something to do with common core bc we are starting common core next year. I hope I don't have to actually find out lol good luck with yours!!

  4. What is an evidence binder? Is it special to your state?


  5. Yes, I'm working on my evidence binder too! When I moved from Kindergarten, I thought I would get out of the binder (we were going through NAEYC accreditation last year) but now with the new MA standards, I still get to do a binder for evidence in grade 1. Boo!
    Primary Buzz


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