Evidence Binder Completed!!

04 May 2013
I have finally finished my evidence binder!   I worked so hard on it, that I decided to tweak it and make it a packet to sell.  Why should you have to reinvent the wheel and make your own dividers, if I already did?   BTW,  I think I bought used just about every Melonheadz clip art set there is involving school or children.   I think it is an awesome looking packet - if I do say so myself!

If you don't know what an evidence binder is, be glad!  Just kidding...well not really.  The evidence binder is part of APPR, a teacher evaluation system adapted by NY State and probably a lot of other states.  Our district chose the Danielson Framework for Teaching.  Teachers are assessed based on a point system and the evidence binder is part of that point system.  I am no expert on the Framework or  APPR.  I really just do what I need to do.   The evidence binder itself is supposed to include "evidence" that you were a "highly effective" teacher.  There are four domains: Domain One - Planning and Preparation,  Domain Two - The Classroom Environment, Domain Three - Instruction, and Domain Four - Reflecting on Teaching.  Each domain has subcategories.  Each district has different requirements for what exactly goes into their teachers' evidence binders.

In this packet, I included dividers for the four domains, dividers for the sub-categories, an editable binder cover,  binder spine inserts, evidence logs, editable evidence logs, and samples from my evidence binder with links for the evidence I utilized.

 Click the image below to check out this packet on TpT:

Here is a sample of one piece of evidence and the evidence log:

I have been reading some of the comments on this post and I totally agree that this was a waste of my valuable time.  It took me forever to finish.  It is a nice way for our administrators to see what we are doing in our room, but on the other hand, the administrators would have more time to come into our rooms or walk around the building if they did not have to spend hours writing up observations.  The new observation format is crazy!  It makes me never want to be an administrator.


  1. WOW! Amazing work! I have a feeling something like this is coming my way soon! Thanks for making this a packet!

  2. Wow, Erica this looks great. I just had dinner tonight with my brother and sister in law and this was the topic of conversation.

    My brother in law had to hand his in on Friday (Nassau County School District). Nothing as pretty as yours. I know all about this binder! I am not looking forward to having to do this, just yet. I am in NYC.

    Thanks for sharing it. The domain blurb is that from the framework or something you re-wrote.

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

    1. I just wrote what I understand it to be. The actual domains are specific and part of the framework. So I just wrote what they are. For example, Domain One is called Planning and Preparation.

  3. We use Danielson also. The binder took countless hrs. These dividers are awesome. Mine were boring compared to these.

  4. Way to go! I live in MA and our system is a bit different, but equally exhausting. What a big job you accomplished.
    A Burst of First

  5. I would just like to mention how ridiculous it is that you have to show "proof" that you're a highly effective teacher. I'd bet we could be even more highly effective if we weren't wasting time proving we are highly effective!!! (And I'm sure they could read your blog and find that out for themselves!)

    That little rant aside, your binder looks awesome. I can tell you put a LOT of work into it, and I hope that it pays off! I'm not looking forward to the day when I have to do this same thing! Right now, our school has to do a "program review" where we have to show evidence as a school that we're teaching certain areas (Arts and Humanities, Writing, and Practical Living right now). We have 3 big crates we have to fill with our evidence and a write up on what we did. That's nothing compared to the work you did!

    Blooming In First

  6. The binder looks great, but I agree that is totally crazy that you had to provide this evidence! I'm sure it took away countless hours that could have been used on preparing lessons or doing something that would have provided rest to you so you were prepared to teach!!! I sure hope this doesn't come to California! Carol

  7. Looks awesome!!! I will definitely be using these next year for documentation for my evaluation!!!!

  8. Wow! This looks like a massive amount of work. Thanks you so much for sharing. I'll be sure to check it out.

    School Is a Happy Place

  9. I teach in NJ and we use the Danielson Framework as well. We haven't been asked to provide an evidence binder YET, but I'm pretty sure that's coming down the pike. Thank you for creating and sharing! This will help me get a leg up on what I could tell is hours of paperwork! You're awesome :)


  10. Wow! I know WA is changing teacher evaluations next year, but I have no idea what it will look like. Thanks for creating this. It's good to know that there are resources out there like this one :)

    Mrs. Holder’s First Grade

  11. Our district is doing a pilot on the Danielson Framework for our state. Not loving it! But I love your binder! Definitely putting it on my wish list!!!

  12. Thank you so, so much!!! This product is amazing!!! This NY teacher is right there with you....using Danielson and struggling to find the balance of time spent on what makes one an effective (or hopefully highly effective) teacher....and time spent on what goes into proving it. Thank you for putting countless hours into something that will help countless other teachers in NY and beyond :)!!!!!

  13. We are changing teacher evaluations this year. This is going on my wishlist until we find out what is needed. I can see where this change over is going to be a nightmare!! I am excited that this binder might make my life easier (and cuter!)

  14. We have a similar evaluation plan except we do not have to show evidence, HOWEVER, this is such a great way to organize and to self reflect! Love this!! The adorable clipart is a bonus! :)

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  15. Agree....I had (a few years back) requested materials from local SUNY schools for degrees in admin. NO WAY would I consider it the way things are right now. So sad:(. It's alright though, I'm sure I'm much happier with the kiddos anyway!!

  16. We are also using the Danielson Framework for our evaluations but our district isn't requiring us to create an evidence binder yet. Next year we will be going through Saphier Training while we are writing our Math Common Core Units and rewriting/updating our ELA Common Core Units, along with the extensive lessons we have to create for evaluations. If we have to do the binders, I will definitely be using this!! Thanks for creating it!

    Table Talk with C & C

  17. We are evaluated based on Danielson's Framework, but do not have to have an evidence binder. This is a fantastic resource that will help so many teachers!!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  18. Erica, You are just the best. It is in my cart. I live in Illinois and we also adopted the same framework. Thanks for all your time and effort and sharing it with us!

  19. I also live in IL and we adopted this framework and its going into affect next year. They keep talking about how we will have to put all of our evidence onto this website. I'm wondering if it would be helpful to have hard copies in a binder as well. I'm definitely wish listing this until I get an answer. Thanks!

    3rd Grade Sprinkles

  20. I teach in PA. I hear that we are going to be changing next year, but have not heard any details. We are still not even implementing CC in my district. I fear that all of this will happen at once. I'm at 30 years...maybe this will all nudge me towards retirement. Sigh.

    1. It is so sad but many teachers who were not thinking of retirement are now. Honestly, if I were married and had health benefits, I would do TpT full time. So, sad that government is taking the joy out of teaching and causing us to have maxed out classes.

  21. We will be using Danielson in my district next year! I have used it in a different district too.

    My Crazy Life

  22. Wow, I had no idea this was something going on in other states. California only has new teacher support where we fill out a binder much like this one..but during your first two years of teaching, not each year. What an immense amount of time-- I wish there was a happy medium between trusting teachers and holding them accountable...this seems to be an extreme. Looks beautiful though!

  23. Wow! This loks amazing! Congrats on finishing. Our county in VA has adopted a similar things called a Professional Growth Portfolio. I have my meeting on Thursday to review it with my principal. We shall see how it goes.


  24. I only wish I had seen this 2 weeks ago!!!! I turned mine in last week - but it was nothing like this. I am buying it tonight to have for next year. This way I can start in September and not panic. Thanks for all you hard work. It looks amazing.

  25. Hello Erica,
    My school district will implement the Danielson Framework model for the 2014-2015 school year. So this upcoming school year my co-workers and I have decided to get ahead start. This is a BIG HELP!!! Thanks a lot its on my wish list.

  26. How much Non-instructional time do you get? It seems like an enormous amount of work! I have recently left a full time class room role for a part time specialist role as the workload just keeps increasing (and I taught 5 yr old's with no support - exhausting!).
    Too many meetings, too much admin and too many demanding and neurotic parents!
    Rant over..... Sorry....
    I am sure there are many grateful teachers out there now that you have developed such a comprehensive package. I have always found your TPT pkgs so very helpful in reducing my prep time! You are an inspiration xx


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