Five For Friday - May 24th and Hugs to Oklahoma

23 May 2013
Hi, everyone!  First, I want to let everyone in Oklahoma know that I am thinking of you.  My heart breaks for all the tragic loss of lives and for those who have had their homes and businesses destroyed.  I did not get a chance to donate a product to the Teachers heart Oklahoma fundraiser, but I am happy to promote it.  Please, click on the image below to check it out.  Another way you can help is by donating directly to the Red Cross.   As an animal lover, I am going to also suggest you donate to the Oklahoma Humane Society.  Have you seen this video of the woman who finds her dog during the interview buried in the rubble?  You will need tissues!

I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs again for Five for Friday!  Here are five random things about my week.
1.   Spring Exhibit was on Tuesday!  It was muggy out and nothing would stick to the walls.  My classroom aide and I had to resort to desperate measures: we hot glued those ants to the wall!  Don't worry, the glue just peels off.   Click on the pictures to check out the TpT products utilized.

Inside my classroom:

My door (This is a free AS IS download):

2. Other Spring Exhibit Projects:

Gel ant farms are the BEST!  Read my horrific experience last year with a sand one!

I am so proud of their writing!  I used some Scholastic Science Readers to model voice in informational writing.  This kiddo nailed it with his polar bear informational writing.  Not sure why he colored the bear blue and orange, but I am not going to complain!

 This is the Original Me on the Map project, by Jennifer Bates.  The Circle Map Project is genius!

3. I think I have found a replacement for my destroyed polka dot storage cubes:
They are $17 dollars each, then I used my Red Card and got 5% off.  I ordered Scotchgard from Amazon for them!

4.  I have a few new products up:

Some teachers said that they needed really big word wall words to hang above closets and such.  These are four to a page and include editable PDF pages. 

I also made a little ladybug door decor.  I really love making decor packets! 

5.  I love Very Jane and they "favorited" this photo on Instagram.  Hashtags are cool like that! 

PS - You can add stuff to Instagram photos using various free photo apps, like Instaframe and Overgram. 

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Love the Bright WORD WALL Cards - they look awesome. Rosy

  2. Your spring exhibit looked amazing!! :) I'm loving that new app for instagram!


    Sailing into Second

  3. Love the spring exhibit! We are trying something similar to that next week; it's been hard work but we are sure it will be worth it!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  4. Your spring exhibit was awesome! Well done! Love your new scarf. How have I never heard of Very Jane? Guess I'll climb out from under the rock I've been under!

    Lucky to Be in First

  5. I got a huge kick out of your hot glue gun. Isn't it just so primary-teacher-like to tackle muggy walls with a glue gun. We should carry those things in a holster!
    I stopped by from Doodle Bugs...great blog!
    Whimsy Workshop

  6. You have been so busy! Your spring exhibit is just precious!! I wish we did something like that at my school. It's fantastic!
    Mrs. Richardson's Class

  7. Erica,
    Your spring exhibit is OVER the TOP! WOW! That is some work girl! Kuddos for that! And I just added your new word wall unit to my TPT summer shopping cart!
    Happy 3-day weekend to us!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  8. Loving all your latest products!! And, man I wish we had a Target!!


  9. WOW...your room looks awesome. I am sure that your students learned bunch while still having fun! Great job!

  10. Wow, are you talented! Love your TPT products and following you!


  11. I love your ladybugs! I am a little ladybug obsessed. :) I have already decided my door for the first day of school is going to be "Look Who Was SPOTTED in First Grade!" The door will be red and ladybug and the students' names will be on the black spots. YAY!!! Keep up the great work.


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