The Big Sale is Here - Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

06 May 2013

The Big Sale is Here!!!

Time to stock up and get all that you can at this amazing deal of 28%!  I am offering 20% off in my store and TpT is offering 10% off if you use coupon code TAD13!  

I have started to categorize  the items in my store with custom categories, so that they are easier to find!

All my decor packets are now under this Classroom Decor tab!  Now is the perfect time to be thinking about decorating your classroom for next year and getting yourself more organized.  For inspiration on decor, check out this "much pinned" post.

Get yourself organized on the student level with these Back to School Organizational Forms and More!

Or start planning ahead and locating books for units such as my  humongous Letter Writing Unit and my Common Core Gingerbread Man Unit.

I have 150 items in my store!  I know you will find something that fits your needs.  If you need to get your cart up to $3, I have many Search/Read/Write the Room Centers for only $1 each.  

My friend DeeDee shared her plan of attach and I think it is great advice and worth sharing again. Thanks DeeDee!

Plan of Attach:

1.  Look at my past purchases.   Have I left feedback on these?   I love those points! Sometimes the TpT system slows down on big sale days, so I want to get those feedbacks in! I want to rack-up those beautiful points and turn them into purchasing power!  I am freely admitting that I don't NEED anymore clip art... but I always WANT more clip art!
This is also a great time to go back to those sellers and see what other treasures they have in their store.

2.   I move my items from my "Wishlist" over to my "Cart."   Seriously, I have this mental image of a puma ready to pounce on its prey.

3. Think ahead... As I think about my classroom instruction, what things will I want to implement for next year.   This is a great time to be reflective!

It is easier to "Keep Calm and Shop On" when you have a plan!


  1. I love your letter writing unit - I used it this year and my students experienced great success and were so engaged - thanks for the great product!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

    1. So happy to hear that. I love all the feedback I have gotten on the unit in my store.

  2. The letter writing unit looks super useful. From the comment above and the teacher appreciation sale, it looks like a great time to go shopping.
    Have a great evening.

    School Is a Happy Place

  3. My wish list is seriously out of control. I am looking through it now! Have a great day! Hooray for a sale!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

    1. My wish list is two pages long! :) Happy Shopping!

  4. You have the cutest most useful things I have ever seen in my life. You are awesome!

    Ship Shape First Grade

  5. Do you change your room theme each year?

    1. No, I keep it for like 8 years! Haha, I just tweak it.


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