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30 June 2013
I would love to tell you that my best selling item of all time is some sort of academic tried and tested product like my Letter Writing Unit, but no it is not!  My best selling item is a simple set of word wall headers.  Taking what little business knowledge I have, I decided maybe making word wall headers in other color combos and sizes might be a good idea!  So, I did.   I went a bit overboard and created 22 plus sets!  Scroll down, I am sure there is a set that will catch your eye.  I searched the internet for some borders to match.   Just click on the images to check them out.

PS - Thanks for all the love and compliments on my fan page and blog post!  I truly appreciate you!

All of my "Large" sets are $2 each!  

Large Owls & Bright Polka Dot Word Wall Headers (these match the word wall words above.)

These are some of the borders I currently use in my classroom.  They are from Frog Street Press. 
My sets from last year:

More Polka Dots!
These Large Owls and B&W Polka Dots Word Wall Headers go with my B&W Polka Dot Word Wall Cards above.

The lime and purple chevron borders would also go with this set below.


 Large Black and White Woof!  Word Wall Headers and Word Cards







My sets from last year: 

Large Black Line Master Word Wall Headers and Word Wall Words.  Perfect to save on ink!  Print on colored paper to create your own looks. 

Here is a photo of the Large Headers and the the Large Word Wall Word Cards printed out at full size. 
 In each packet, I give directions on how to print at a reduced size.  This way, teachers wanting really large cards that can be placed above closets, will be happy.  Try printing a test page first to see which size works best for you!

I was able to find many different brands of borders under one store at MPM School Supplies.   Just click here to shop by borders.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope I can help make your classroom word wall really pop!   I would love it if you shared photos of your finished word wall on my FB page.

I don't think I will get to any more word wall sets this summer.  I have some half-done sets, but I really need to get moving on different projects.  If you have ideas for me for next year, leave them in the comments.


  1. I know you've created so many already... but any chance of a bumblee bee theme popping up anytime soon? ;)

  2. You have been super busy!! I love them all :)

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  3. Wow what a great selection! I love the primary dots and the primary chevron.
    You are one busy and talented lady.

    School Is a Happy Place

  4. Thanks so much for posting these...and for putting them on sale! I feel like I have been re-working my word wall every year for the past few years due to space concerns and "cuteness" factors! When I saw you post the frog headings, I was hopeful that you would create words to go with them! I'm heading over now to shop...

  5. Thanks for creating these and making them affordable! I just bought a set for my room! I think these are great sellers because you can't find any great sets in the stores. Thanks again:)

  6. It may not be your best seller, but I love your letter writing unit. This was my first year using it and my students loved it and wrote some great letters - so thanks!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  7. You've been very busy! I love so many of them, it would be so hard to choose just one. You do amazing work. I've seen people all over the blogging world talking about your word wall headers, don't feel bad that your best selling item isn't a tried & tested unit, the word wall is still a very helpful tool for students, especially the little ones & you've made it very appealing to the eye for them.


  8. Wow! You've been a busy girl! They all look awesome but the brights and owls are my new favorites!

  9. I totally LOVE the sets I have purchased! So worth it! You are very nifty! I also appreciate that you have editable pages...this is so very helpful! I hope you are having a great summer! Jessica Bollman - bollman4@blogspot.com

  10. OH MY GOODNESS! This is so much work! I love all of them!!!


  11. I just gotta say you are amazing! Your work is wonderful and I love seeing what you create. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

  12. You're pretty amazing! Each set is uniquely very beautiful!

    ~Tanya =)
    A+ Firsties

  13. Hello Erica,
    Maybe next school year you can make a classroom decor pack for your silly turquoise and red word wall set.

  14. I just purchased your chevron word card set. However, there is no chevron background on the bottom two words of each slide. Can you help me?


  15. Love the Ocean word wall words and headers.....is it possible for you to do more Ocean themed decor- class alphabet, color chart, number chart, ect? I would love any Ocean themed decor!!


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