Christmas in July Day Six: Back to School Themed Sale & Meet the Teacher Night Freebie

12 July 2013

Today's deal is for my back to school themed packets.  Click on the covers to check them out on TpT:

This is probably one of the first things, I put on TpT as a freebie way back when I started in 2008.  It a printable of a leaf pattern, with a cute little poem about parents being teachers, too.   I did not create the poem.  I actually think there was a little tip about doing this in a Mailbox book many years back and it did not include a printable, so I made one.   Hopefully, it will save you a little time, too.   To use these,  print them on green paper, punch a hole at one end of each leaf, and then tie each leaf around a cellophane wrapped apple.  Place the apples on the students' desks, as a gift to the parents Meet the Teacher Night.   (I apologize that the font is Comic Sans, but most people love that font anyway.)

Don't forget to hop around my blogging buddies' stores for more awesome sales!

1 comment:

  1. I really like that you apologized for using Comic Sans... it made me smile.


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