Day 8 and 9 of Christmas in July

14 July 2013

I am leaving for Vegas in a few hours!  So not ready.   I am combining Day 8 & 9 to give me a little break while I get ready and then enjoy Vegas tomorrow.   These packs are all 15% off.



Here is a freebie from my ant unit:

Don't forget to hop around my blogging buddies' stores for more awesome sales!


  1. Thank you for the chuckle you gave me this morning. I opened the 'ant' sample and immediately, my mind began a movie of my kinder-bears singing the 'insect body parts song' to the tune of Head, Shoulders, IKnees, and Toes. After learning this song, all my little ones had to hear was the word, 'head' and they would break into song and dance.


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