Blog Facelift and Teacher Week 2013: Now Teach! Organizing for Instruction

14 August 2013
You might have noticed that my blog got a little facelift and I changed my blog name.   I asked my facebook fans for catchy name ideas and "Erica's Ed-Ventures" is what someone came up  with and then most people agreed they liked best.  I am still at my old web address:  If you followed me before, you are still following me now :)  I hope you like the new design, it is by Erica of The Cutest Blog on the Block

I am hosting "Now Teach! Organizing for Instruction" over at Blog Hoppin' with my sweet friends, Natalie and Rachelle of What the Teacher Wants.   Hop over to read my post and link up.


  1. Love the new blog makeover and your new name is SO catchy! Organization is my biggest challenge so I'm hoping to incorporate some of your tips this year.
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

  2. Your new look is fabulous!! I like that it's different, too! :)
    Mrs. Richardson's Class

  3. I just love your new blog design! Looks great- and the name is just perfect!!

  4. I love the new design. I have been a teacher for over 13 years and I still feel everyday that I can do something to make myself better to be better for my kids and you truly have been one of those people to help me. So thank you.


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