A Laura Numeroff Themed Week (Visual Plans)

07 October 2013
I am a bit behind on the visual plans, these are actually last week's plans.   I am not sure if I will ever get caught up enough to post ahead of time.  I hope you don't mind.  I think if you are a visual person, like me, you might like seeing the photos of the centers better anyway!  I added to my popular Laura Numeroff Unit to include literacy and math centers.   My district is pushing us away from our basal reading series (happy, happy, happy).  I am so excited because now I don't have to squeeze in theme units!  This week, we are doing a farm theme, to go with our farm field trip!  I will post that next weekend. 

Click on the photos/images to check out the packet/file.  Here is a peek at my week:

I like to display how the students should arrange the tracers on the paper before handing them out.  This helps save paper by preventing mistakes. 

 Cookie taste test/Mouse Graphtivity was a HUGE hit with the students!!!  I love how their mice all looked a little different.  So cute.

I added more centers to this packet and I am keeping it at the old price for this week only!  Hurry up and grab it.  If you already purchased the packet, re-download for the updates. 

Here are other Laura Numeroff themed packets I used for the week: 

This packet is by my friend, Deedee Wills!
I am linking up with her again for her peek at the week!

I continued to use my Spelling Homework Menu Packet and started the Birthday Take-Home Pack this week with our first classroom birthday. 

From Amazon.com:



  1. I so love your Laura Numeroff stuff! On my wish list :) We do an author study on her in December and I can't wait to use these activities!!

  2. Laura Numeroff is one of my favorite authors to do!

  3. I noticed in your plans the Engage NY lessons under math. I live in NC and we are also using this. I would love to hear how it's working for you and exactly how you are using it in your classroom. It's been a huge switch for our students and it's so dry. Takes a lot of planning to make it more interesting for the kiddos. Thanks!


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