Five for Friday - November 8th

08 November 2013
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.

1.  Have you seen this show?  I am loving it.  I love that it is historical fiction and I did a report once on Mary Queen of Scots.  So interesting!   Definitely check it out if you can.  The love story is what will keep you watching.   I don't want the show to go off the air.  So spread, the word.

2.  I just bought this at Marshall's!  The teacher in me does not like that it starts with six, but it was too shabby chic to pass up!  It is going to go in my new bedroom.  I am going to make my bedroom a closet and then move my bed to my den room.  I gave my den daybed away to my nephew and now it is just a room with a TV.  I need a bigger closet!  If you know me, you know I have a ton of shoes, clothes, and bags.  I am hoping to not have to do the winter/summer switch anymore.  I am going to get big Ikea wardrobes.   What I will put in this piece...I have no clue!  It was just cool looking. 

3.  I made these phonics themed th centers this week.   The kids loved doing them.   Check them out on TpT.  I am going to try and make more for other phonic elements. 

3.  Blog Hoppin' is having a cool Thankful themed week starting on Monday.  I hope you hop over and visit us there. 

4.  I love Urban Decay make-up!  They don't do any animal testing and the eyeliner and eyeshadows are amazing.   My favorites are the Naked palettes.  I have not tried the mascara yet, but I need to make a switch.  My drugstore brand does animal testing :(

5.  I wore two different sneakers to the gym...yes, it was one of those weeks.  But I went to the gym!  I have a personal trainer and it forces me to go and stay for an hour.   Otherwise, I probably would have rushed home.

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  1. I love your idea of turning your bedroom into a closet! What a great idea. The piece you got from Marshall's is pretty cool...I will admit I was looking for the numbers 1-5 too. Do you think you'd ever repaint it?

  2. Great find at Marshall's!!!


  3. I love Reign too! I can't get enough. I hope the show stays on the air. It seems like when I like a show it is short lived.

    Lesson Plans and Lollipops

    1. I too love the show Reign. I cannot wait for Thursday evenings so I can watch it. I have heard that it might be a short lived show. I am so sad. I love the historical fiction aspect of the show and definitely the love story.

  4. Two diff. shoes!!!!!!!!! You need to keep those shoes on opposite sides of your new larger closet!!! Have a fab weekend.

  5. I heard a preview for Reign on the radio the other day, and it sounded good. I had forgotten about it, so thanks for the reminder!

  6. I've done the two different shoes thing too! HAHA! My class loved it! :)

  7. I'll definitely be checking out that show! Funny about your shoes! Could you feel a difference?
    Teaching With Style


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