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19 November 2013
I am linking up with Hope King for a little "Take Me Back Tuesday."   This is actually one of my favorite posts because a reader commented how nice it was to see that I was not perfect.  I am so not even near perfect!  It made me laugh that people were happy to see I wasn't this perfect teacher.   Hey, whatever I can do to make you happy!    I am actually terrible at cooking.  I even burn my Lean Cuisines!  

I hope you enjoy the post! 
Originally Posted 12/21/11
Those are supposed to be gingerbread men.  Cooking is not a talent of mine.  I dropped the first tray on the floor and apparently, I made the dough too thick and placed them too close together on the second tray.  Though both trays of cookies did not end up tasting bad, I could not use them for my gingerbread graphing.  It was kind of hard to tell what was a head and what was a leg!  

I took Michelle Oakes' advice and bought Little Debbie gingerbread men.  They worked out great.  The kids loved graphing where they bit first.  

After the graphing, we did Deanna Jump's gingerbread science experiment.  The kids were so excited when his arm fell off!  They kept telling me that I was the best teacher ever.  It's the little things that make kids happy :)
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While on the topic of Gingerbread, here is a post on my Common Core Based Gingerbread Man Activities.

I love all versions of the gingerbread man.  Who doesn't?!  It took me forever to finish my 108 page Common Core Based Gingerbread Activities packet!   The activities all state the Common Core Standards addressed for grades K, 1, and 2!
This packet contains the following math centers/activities:
Gingerbread Ways to Make Five Using a Five-Frame
Gingerbread Ways to Make Ten Using a Ten-Frame
Gingerbread Make Ten to add Using a Double Ten-Frame
Gingerbread Domino Fact Families
Gingerbread Land Find the Missing Addend Word Problems
Gingerbread Where We Took Our First Bite Graphing

The packet contains two art activities:
The Gingerbread Baby
Gingerbread Paper Plate Face

The packet contains the following literacy activities:
The Gingerbread Boy Story Retelling/Sequencing
"No One Can Catch Me" Writing Prompt/Class-made Book
"Our Favorite Gingerbread Stories" Writing Prompt/Class-made Book
"Can't Catch Me" Writing Prompt/Class-made Book
How to Make a Gingerbread Boy Recipe Writing
2 Phonic Sorts
The Gingerbread Cowboy Fantasy or Reality Sort
The Gingerbread Pirate Listening Response Sheet
Sight Word Work Sheet
Writing Workshop Ideas
Writing Workshop Printables
Gingerbread Buddy Reading Log
Gingerbread Book Venn

Other Resources:
Gingerbread Book Bibliography
Gingerbread File Folder Word Wall
Gingerbread Recipe
Parent Letters
"Your Teacher Thinks You're Sweet" Certificates

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Here are some great gingerbread themed books:

I hope you enjoyed this throw back.  Don't forget to check out the linky over at Second Grade Shenangans, just click the button above. 

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  1. Your post had me cracking up - cooking is definitely not my forte' either! What cute activities for our upcoming Gingerbread unit... Thanks for sharing :)

    First Grade Fairytales


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