Shoes and a HUGE Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale!

01 December 2013
Did the shoes catch your attention?  If you know me, you know I have a shoe obsession!   I tried to get my tax attorney to let me write off my shoe purchases because I sometimes blog about them, but he said since it is not the sole purpose of my blog, it is not going to fly.  Hmmm....shoe themed blog?   I thought I would update you on my latest shoe purchases...I went a little crazy at the Bloomingdales Friends and Family sale last weekend.   I do have a good excuse, I was sad about turning 35 and shoes make me happy!   The line up:  Frye Melissa Tall Riding Boots,  Vince Camuto Emmi, Calvin Klein Odette pumps, and Tory Burch Reva flats.   I know I am going to get comments that your husband would kill you if you came home with that many shoes.  Well, guess what I'm not married and I have to take the trash out myself...EVERYTIME!   I would gladly trade a few pairs of shoes, to not have to do that.

Now on to the REAL SALE!  Are you as excited as me?  I already have a ton in my cart.
Click here to start shopping in my shop!  Don't forget to hop over to Blog Hoppin' on Monday to see what we bought!   Our own fabulous, Amy Lemons, designed the button above.  

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  1. Swoon . . . I had to click in as soon as I saw that shoe photo. I am so jelly of those FRY boots!!! I have a pair on my wish list this year. I may just jump the gun and buy a pair for myself on Cyber Monday. Mmmmmmmmmm . . . I think I just talked myself into it :) Hugs my dear!

    1. Go for it Kelley! They are so comfortable. When I was in Nashville I bought a brown pair and the saleslady said that people hand down Frye boots to their grandchildren. The leather lasts that long! Haha...don't know if I will be doing that but she convinced me to buy!

  2. Instant attention!! SWEET scores girlie!!! I'm on the look out for a new pair of brown boots. I've also been eyeballing no less than five pairs of MK flats. (When you love them you're supposed to buy them in every color,right...!?) ;) I think we need to do some retail damage together in Vegas this summer!!

    1. Stephanie, I do that all the time! If I love something and it fits great, I get it in every color! Yes, this summer in Vegas we need to do some shopping! I will be staying the whole week this time.

  3. Lovin your new kicks Erica! Way to score in the shoe department! If you and I got together and went shoe shopping we would probably clear out the store!!!! LOL


  4. Love the shoes you found! And on sale, so that is an even greater deal! I really like those boots. :)
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  5. Yeah, I was about to just click Mark as Read in feedly because I'll browse the TpT sales later, but the shoes caught my eye. Great hook!

  6. Your Tory Burch's are ADORABLE :) I love my slippers (but in the mainland you call it flip-flops) from TB. Have you tried their slippers? They're super comfy! We're not getting our Bloomingdales in Hawaii until next year. AAAHHH I can't wait for them to come :)

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  8. I'm not sure which I love more...your products or your shoes!!

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  10. I'm a HUGE Tory Burch flats fan. One pair lead to another and well...this is my collection now! Ten pairs.

    I recently bought the same ones as you. I love them.


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