Long E Freebie and Visual Plans for the Week

24 February 2013

Our reading story for the week focuses on Long E and is about cats.  I made this fun center activity using adorable cat graphics by blogging buddy, Ashely Hughes.  My font is by my ever so talented friend, Cara Carroll.  
Click the image above to download the file for FREE.  Click below to check out Ashley and Cara's work!  Both are super talented and sweet.  DeeDee Wills blogged about them both this week, too.  
Love the names of these fonts!

Here are my visual plans for the week, just click to download.  I am not celebrating Dr. You Know Who's Birthday until the following week, when the high school students come to my class to read.  Sorry, but due to copyright reasons and the Dr. You Know Who police, teacher-authors are not allowed to sell any Dr. You Know Who specific items.   I decided to be cautious and even my Dr. You Know Who Freebies have been deleted.

*This plan book format is called "Erica."  Click here to check it out in Ms. M's A Teacher's Plan Store.
**My visual plans are inspired by DeeDee Wills' visual plans.

* I forgot to add my 100th Day Activities!  I think I will swap out a few things on Tuesday and add some 100th Day things in!  It has just been one of those years :)

Cat themed books (click the covers) and activities for the week:



 These are from my letter writing unit

And these are my real-life cats, Ella and Greta:

New packets for the week:
My updated 0-120 Packet

I am linking up with DeeDee Wills to share my peek at my week plans!  Click below to check out other bloggers' plans for the week!

There is a Let's Celebrate Reading Giveaway over at DeeDee's blog.  I think I said DeeDee's name like four times or more in this post!  Maybe, I can get referral earnings ;) 
Click below to check it out the contest, I donated my buddy reading logs. 

St. Patricks Day Common Core Activities and a Freebie

20 February 2013
Are you impressed?  I am not waiting until the last minute to post about a holiday unit.  To be perfectly honest, the packet is from last year and I just updated it a bit.  It has just been one of those years where I cannot get ahead on anything!  I know a lot of you are in the same boat.  My "To Do List" never seems to end.  I would love to be bored!  So even if it was just a few updates, I am feeling pretty proud of myself.  

I went and added essential questions to my St. Patrick's Day LepreCommon Core Packet.  Please, re-download if you have already purchased.   *The freebie is towards the end of the post. 

Here is some info on the packet if you want to check it out.  Just click on any of the images below.   My students loved the activities in it last year.   They especially went crazy for the glitter coins in the leprechaun math craftivity. 
This 103 page download contains math and literacy activities aligned to the Common Core. 
Teacher and student directions are included, as well as, math center rotation cards and essential questions for the math centers.  Most of the literacy activities are extensions based on read alouds.  Many of the activities can be made into class-made books and are accompanied by class-made book covers.

Math Centers:
Shamrocks and Rainbows Sums of TenLeprechaun Domino Fact Families, Shamrock Find the Missing Part, St. Patrick's Day Place ValuePots O'Gold Comparing Numbers, and Leprechaun Art and Math Center.

Literacy Activities:
Dear Leprechaun, If I Caught a Leprechaun Writing Prompt, If I Had a Pot of Gold Writing Prompt and Craft, Something More Precious to Me than Gold Writing Prompt, If I Were a Leprechaun Writing Prompt, Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Homework Assignment, and Leprechaun Wanted Poster

2 Literacy Centers:
Search/Read/Write the Room for Long A words (a_e and ai)
Magnify St. Patrick's Day Word Search and Writing

I have also included a parent letter and a handprint craft in the packet.  I hope this packets helps you and your students celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Leprechaun Art and Math - Two levels of difficulty are included in this packet.

Shamrock Find the Missing Part

Pots O'Gold Comparing Numbers

Manipulatives and buckets I used for the math centers.  

Letters to Leprechauns

The students love making this poster!  

If you would like to snag my freebie version of the poster, click the image below.  Please note, it has slightly different graphics than the one included in the packet. 

St. Patrick's Day Recommended Read Aloud Books:

I hope you are all treading water better than I am!  Enjoy the rest of the week. 

P.S.- I think my observation went well today.  Thanks for all the well wishes!  You are all so sweet. 

P.P.S. - 7th person to comment gets the packet for free!    A winner was picked, continue to follow my blog for more quick little contests :). 

0-120 Charts and Activities

18 February 2013
I revamped my 0-120 Charts and Activities Packet.  It went from 40 pages to 101!

This Common Core aligned packet is for 10 activities based on a 0-120 chart. I have included seven versions of the chart and two blank charts. I have also included a number reading assessment, parent letters, and number flashcards. 

The activities are as follows: 
Fill in the 0-120 Chart
Fill in the Missing Number in a Piece of the 120 Chart
Find and Color the Number
Sequence the Numbers
Comparing Numbers
Adding Tens - An Introduction to Two Digit Addition
Ten Less & Ten More
One Less, One More, Ten Less, & Ten More
Odd & Even Jars
Adding with a 0-120 Chart
This packet includes teacher directions, Essential Questions, Common Core Standards, student directions, recording sheets, and center rotation cards.
Click here to check it out!  I have it listed at reduced rate right now.  Snap it up while you can :)

Enjoy your week. 

PS - No visual plans for this week.  I am getting observed using my Letter Writing Unit.  Of course I had to update that packet, too!  I am revamping as I teach it to my kiddos.  I promise to keep you in the loop with updates on my Letter Writing Unit and the new format I have to follow for observations.  It is called Danielson and I really hope I filled everything out the right way!  Wish me luck on Wednesday :)

Valentine's Day Freebies and Photo Updates

13 February 2013

Tomorrow is V-day!  Personally, I have no plans and hate the holiday!  School wise, I think it is adorable.   Here are some old and new Valentine’s Day freebies.   Click on the pictures to find the where to download.  

*Please, do not ask me for editable versions of the freebies via facebook, here, or in my store.  I am sorry but there are font and clip art copyright issues, which prevent me from sharing the Word/Power Point files.  

Here are some photos of centers from my Common Core Valentine packet.  Click on the pictures to check out the packet.  

 Two version of the Tens and Ones Counting Mat are included. 
The counting mat was inspired by my 100th Day Counting Mat.

Classic Candy Heart Sorting and Graphing Center:
This activity can be found here or here

I hope you have a great day tomorrow and enjoy the day with your kiddos! 

Valentine's Day Updates and a Frebbie, Plus Visual Plans

10 February 2013
I survived the blizzard.  It actually was not as bad as it could have been here.  I will be going to school tomorrow.  

Being snowed in gave me some time to update my Valentine's Day packets.  You can click the pictures below to check out the packets.  If you have already purchased, please re-download for the updates.  

This freebie is included in my digital plans download below and in my updated Valentine's Day Writing, Math, and More! Packet.  

 Some other awesome Valentine's Day packets I will be using this week:


Visual Plans!

*This plan book format is called "Erica."  Click here to check it out in Ms. M's A Teacher's Plan Store.
**My visual plans are inspired by DeeDee Wills' visual plans.

R-Controlled Vowel Packets I will be utilizing this week:

This week, I plan to start lettering writing.  We will see how it goes.  This year, things take much longer to complete and there is always an assembly I forgot about!  This unit is one of my favorites to teach!  I will be updating the packet as I go through it.  I think I will add some more craftivities to it.  I suggest purchasing it now at the lower price and then re-downloaded when I update :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week.

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