Visual Plans - Week of 1/6/13 - Happy New Year

05 January 2014
New Year and back with visual plans.   I am going to try and post these each week, but I have to tell you it is a lot of work!   I also have a hard enough time getting my own plans done in advance, let alone add links to them!  We are doing Engage NY math modules and sometimes the kids just need more time or the lesson takes so long!   My math plans are constantly changing.

Click the image to download the plans.   I have included a set of plans with links to the packets I will be using this week.  

The New Year is a perfect time to implement new spelling homework.  My students and parents love my spelling homework packet. 

Here are two pages from the packet that I am giving my students this week.  They are also included in the visual plan download.

I am excited to be using both of my New Year's packets this week.

We are also beginning our Penguin Unit this week!   

You can snag these labels from last year's penguin post!

Here are some more activities from my unit. 


  1. I teach in Illinois, and we have started using Engage NY as well for our math curriculum. What do you think about it? We have such a hard time fitting everything in!! Do you typically do everything they suggest, or pick and choose the important parts?

    Sorry for 20 questions, thanks Erica!!


    1. We pick and choose what we want. The actual lesson itself takes a long time! I try and do the sprints but I think I am going to add minute math, too. I don't feel they have all their facts memorized yet.

  2. I am using Engage NY in my first grade classroom as well! I would love to read more about what other teachers think about it!

  3. I LOVE your penguin packet! I'm using it the week after next, and can't wait! :)

  4. I am wondering if your peek at the week is part of your spelling homework menu? Btw, I love your blog!


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